Number of electric and hybrid vehicles registered in Waltham Abbey

The request was successful.

Dear Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency,

Could you please individual annual registration and running totals for electric and hybrid Category M and Category N vehicles in the EN9 postal code district for:

2018 to date

Yours faithfully,

Dave Plummer

FOI FOI, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Dear Mr Plummer,

Thank you for your e-mail requesting information. The DVLA are dealing with your request under the terms of The Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Your request has been given reference number: FOIR7104.

You should expect to receive a reply to your request by 10 October 2018.

If you have any further questions or enquiries on this request please quote the reference number.

Thanks & Regards,

David A Morgan
Freedom of Information Team
Data Sharing & Protection Group | Strategy, Policy and Communications Group | C2 | DVLA | Swansea | SA6 7JL
Twitter: @dvlagovuk

New vehicle tax rates for cars registered on or after 1 April 2017.
Cyfraddau treth cerbyd newydd am geir a gofrestrwyd ar neu ar ôl 1 Ebrill 2017.
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FOI FOI, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

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Dear Mr Plummer

Please find attached the reply to your Freedom of Information request FOIR7104.


Ian Davies
Freedom of Information Team, Data Sharing & Protection Group | Strategy, Policy & Communications Directorate| C2 - West | DVLA | Swansea | SA6 7JL
Twitter: @dvlagovuk

We can always spot an untaxed car. Tax it or lose it.
Rydym wastad yn llwyddo i ddod o hyd i gar heb dreth. Trethwch ef neu byddwch yn ei golli.
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Dear FOI,

Thank you for your prompt and full reply.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Plummer
Epping Forest Green Party

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