Number of dog attacks in the last 5 years

Rebecca McDonald made this Freedom of Information request to York Minster Police
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The request was refused by York Minster Police.

Rebecca McDonald

Dear York Minster Police,

In the last 5 years how many dog attacks have there been within each year and altogether?

Andy Oates, York Minster Police

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Thank you for your recent request for information regarding the above,
which has been passed to me for attention and reply.


This organisation does not respond to FOI requests, as the Freedom of
Information Act 2000 (“the Act”) does not apply to us.


Neither York Minster nor the Minster’s governing body (the Chapter of
York) is a “public authority” as defined by Schedule 1 of the Act.


“York Minster Police” is simply the name we use for York Minster’s
in-house security team – it is not a part of the national police service.


The territorial police force responsible for investigating all crime and
responding to all 101/999 Police calls in York is North Yorkshire Police.


I hope that this clarification is helpful to you.




Andy Oates

Legal Adviser & Chapter Clerk

(Solicitor, non-practising)

York Minster


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From: Rebecca McDonald
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Sent: 26 March 2019 20:40

To: info <[4][York Minster Police request email]>

Subject: Freedom of Information request - Number of dog attacks in the
last 5 years


Dear York Minster Police,


In the last 5 years how many dog attacks have there been within each year
and altogether?




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