Number of Applications for 2021 Entry (Medicine)

David Leung made this Freedom of Information request to Peterhouse, Cambridge

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The request was successful.

Dear Peterhouse, Cambridge,

I am writing to request the following information:

The total number of applicants to Peterhouse, Cambridge for Medicine (A100), 2021 entry
The number of home and international applicants amongst these applicants

Yours faithfully,
David Leung

Liz Wake, Peterhouse, Cambridge

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Dear Mr Leung


Our Admissions Office has kindly provided the following answer to your
query regarding numbers of applications for Medicine:


48 applicants of which 26 were Home, 22 Overseas. This is slightly
complicated by the fact that for Medicine, Reported Home status (the
number given) does not necessarily mean Home fee status, which is what's
important when it comes to the Overseas places quota.  However, this is
the only information available at this stage.


I hope that is satisfactory.


Yours sincerely



Liz Wake

College Secretary


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