Number of admission appeals and complaints from 2010 to 2019 and the number upheld at Stage 1 of appeal process.

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Dear Christ Church, Oxford,

Please provide the following information:
1. For each year from 2010 to 2019, how many appeals and complaints (Stage 1 of appeal process) relating to undergraduate admission did the college receive?
2. For each of these years, how many of these appeals and complaints were upheld at Stage 1 and resulted in an applicant receiving an offer? (ie a student appealed a rejection for an undergraduate course and subsequently received an offer from the college without the need to progress to Stage 2 of the appeal process)

Please list appeals and complaints separately.

Thank you for your assistance.
Dr. Mike Whittome

Christ Church, Oxford

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Dear Christ Church, Oxford,

I sent you an FOI request concerning admission appeals on 16th January and have yet to receive a reply. As you know, you are obliged to reply promptly to each FOI request.

Please kindly provide this information requested without further delay.

Yours faithfully,
Dr. Mike Whittome

James Lawrie, Christ Church, Oxford

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Dear Dr Whittome
I apologise for the delay in replying.
James Lawrie