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John Cope made this Freedom of Information request to Northern Regional College

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was successful.

Dear Northern Regional College,

How many times in the last 5 years has the SMT and College been subject to a Police investigation?

How many grievances have been submitted in the last 5 years against the SMT? Of this number, how many were in relation to bullying?

How many SMT suspensions have there been in the last 5 years?

How many times have the College implemented the Whistleblower Policy in last 5 years?

Has the College been subject of a DfE investigation into financial irregularities since 2017?

Yours faithfully,

John Cope

Freedom Of Information, Northern Regional College

Thank you for your email.  If you have made a Freedom of Information
Request we will respond directly to you within 20 working days.

For more information on Freedom of Information within the Northern
Regional College, please click on the link below.


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Freedom Of Information, Northern Regional College

Dear John

Thank you for your information request under the FOIA. In compliance with the legislation the College will respond to you no later than 20 working days, in this instance 14th March 2019.

Kind regards
The Information Governance Team

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Freedom Of Information, Northern Regional College

1 Attachment

Dear John,

Please find attached the Northern Regional College's response to you recent FOI request.

Kind regards
Deborah Kerr

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