NPG LTD Chinatown Ltd, & National Crime Agency London/ Cllr Ann O'byrne

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Dear Liverpool City Council,

Ref: NPG LTD Chinatown Ltd, & National Crime Agency London

[1] Cllr Ann O'byrne in a statement and on TV has said she was in talks with the NCA . Has Cllr Ann O'Byrne followed up on this and has she now met them.?

[2] Has she handed over a full report on this matter and what steps is she taking to protect investors money in terms of Chinatown, Baltic House, Berry House and North Point?

[3] Has Cllr Ann O'Byrne handed over the Minutes of ALL her meetings in relation to these disastrous developments to the NCA, including who got the land deals and why?

[4] Will Ann O'Byrne also be informing the NCA that many months previous to the collapse of NPG, she had been sent comprehensive information on individuals involved in these developments and also information that strongly indicated that NPG was never going to complete these developments. Cllr O'Byrne decided, along with her colleagues, to ignore these warnings.

Yours faithfully,

Li Lee HK buyers

Finance and Resources, Liverpool City Council

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Dear Liverpool City Council,

I still need the reply please.

Yours faithfully,

Li Lee HK buyers

Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

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Dear Mr Lee


Please see attached response to your FOI Request as submitted to Liverpool
City Council. Our apologies for the delay, which has been necessitated in
view of the scale and extent of the questions raised in the multiple
requests you made.




Information Team


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