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Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Northumbrian Water Limited should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Northumbrian Water Limited,

I live in Newcastle upon Tyne where you add fluoride to my water.

Question 1.
I read on the NHS website that Hexafluorosilicic acid is added to the water in the north east of england.
The fluoride that is being added to the water is not the same as calcium fluoride that naturally found in water, or even pharmaceutical grade fluoride used to make toothpaste and drugs. Instead, it's a gaseous fluorine compound called Hexafluorosilicic acid that is produced during fertilizer production, it's contained in the smoke stacks using filtration systems, it's then extracted from the filters and then condensed into a water based solution which is packaged unrefined and sold to Northumbrian water company. Does Northumbrian water test to see if Hexafluorosilicic acid is contaminated with any other heavy metals or pollutants?

Question 2
Its my understanding that natural calcium fluoride would be safe to handle if you had a lump of it in your hand yet the fluoride you add to water is so toxic that special protective equipment is required to handle it such as rubber gloves, protective clothing, breathing equipment and protective eye wear. Why is Hexafluorosilicic acid a toxic waste product added to the water instead of Calcium fluoride that is naturally found in water?

Question 3
Is it true that Hexafluorosilicic acid has skull and bones on the packet and warnings not to ingest, if so why are we ingesting it through our drinking water?

Question 4
whom does Northumbrian water purchase the fluoride used to fluoridate the water from, and in what country is it manufactured?

Question 5
How much does it cost Northumbrian water to fluoridate the water in the north east per year?

Question 6
We only drink 1 percent of our water, so for every £1000 of fluoride added to the water £990 goes down the drain or is flushed down the toilet and ends up in the environment. Is Northumbrian water not worried that it is wasting the public's money?

Question 7
When fluoridated water goes down the drain does Northumbrian water filter out the unnatural fluoride added to the water before it is released back into the river/sea, or wherever the water renters the environment?

Question 8
Fluoride is added to the water for the sole purpose of dental health and lowering the rates of a disease called tooth decay, why is it Northumbrian waters responsibility to medically treat the population and not individual doctors responsibility?

Question 9
Why doesn't Northumbrian water provide fluoride tablets individually to people whom want or need it?

Question 10
why doesn't Northumbrian water ask it's customer whether or not they what fluoride added to their water?

Question 11
If the government told you to add sunscreen to the water, so that nobody got sunburn would you comply and added it to the water?

Question 12
I get all the fluoride I need from brushing teeth, how do i remove the fluoride from the water which i do not need?

Question 13
Why doesn't Northumbrian water provide a fluoride free water alternative in the same way coke cola provides a sugar free alternative to coke?

Question 14
An excess of fluoride can cause dental fluorosis, which is the eating away of enamel on your teeth, this is indicative of what it is doing to your body in a larger scale. 50% of fluoride is excreted from the body and the other is absorbed throughout body, in our brains, pineal glands, thyroids and our bones. Harvard university research has found a deadly type of bone cancer called osteosarcoma is significant found more in fluoridated community then in un-fluorinated community's. also 18 world wide studies by Harvard research shows that fluoride significantly reduced children's IQ in fluoridated areas compared to un-fluorinated areas. Is Northumbrian water not worried that the are contributing to health problems through the process of water fluoridation?

Question 15
Does Northumbrian water acknowledge that the research used to justify water fluoridation safety in England is one side in favor of fluoridation, as it only mentions the positive effects on teeth and not other side effects on other parts of the human body?

Question 16
I read that Babies should consume no more then 10 micro grams of fluoride per day, yet if they consume baby formula made using fluoridated water they are consuming from 700 up to 1200 micro grams of fluoride per day, which mean that they have a high risk of developing dental fluorosis, and lowered IQ. Does Northumbrian water provide alternative water for babies?

Question 17
If the levels of fluoride in water are above 1.5ppm then its removed from the water, why is this?

Question 18
Do local farmers use your fluoridated water to produce food, will the food be contaminated with the fluoride?

Fluoride in not an essential nutrient you could go you whole life without consuming any fluoride and still be healthy. Water fluoridation has nothing to do with teeth, its a total scam and just a way for the industrial complex to dump there waste products and get paid for it at the same time. and a lazy way for the government to deal with bad dental hygiene. fluoride is a poison, it is the main ingredient in rat poison and pesticides, it used in the production of sarin nerve gas. do you really want to drink this stuff?

Yours faithfully,
Steven McDonagh

Shelley Purchon left an annotation ()

I'd like to thank Steve McDonagh for making this request, and for his painstaking research. I'd love to know the answer to the questions he raises, because I too live in Newcastle and, like most of my fellow humans, drink water. I would like to suggest to Steve that he resubmit just one or 2 or his questions to Northumbrian Water. Perhaps a short question is more likely to receive a response?

Ebony Whyte left an annotation ()

I wold also like to thank Mr. McDonagh for submitting this request.
I am a student having recently moved to Newcastle-upon-Tyne and have long been aware of the dangers of fluoride ingestion. Whilst there's a wealth of proof indicating that when applying fluoride topically does aid in the remineralisation of tooth enamel, physically ingesting it is proven to do more harm than good.
Having recently been prescribed a heavily fluoridated toothpaste by my dentist, I note that in the package leaflet it states "Fluoridated water and salt should be avoided during the use of this toothpaste". Unfortunately I am unable to adhere to these guidelines due to the fact that I am being medicated without prior warning nor consent. I have been stripped of my choice in the matter.

I can see that this request has remained unanswered for over 2 years and 6 months now which is unacceptable. Should Mr. McDonagh see this I would suggest that he pursue an internal review as the fact that this has been ignored is wholly unacceptable.

keith Murray left an annotation ()

Wach this video that proves fluoride causes cancer.

Sandra Clennell left an annotation ()

I would like to thank
Mr Steve Mc Donagh for his questions regarding fluoride in our water supply.
I have just recently been made aware of the dangers of fluoride- as, like everyone else, I'd been brainwashed into thinking it was good for our dental health.
Upon trying to discover the cause of persisting and increasing medical issues for myself & members of my family- I stumbled upon the dangers of fluoride and what it actually is and does to our body. Now it all makes sense- we are actually suffering the effects of this toxic waste ,having lived in Consett for 54 years & suffered flouridation for approx 49 years. I just can't believe how this whole process of adding poison to our water is actually allowed!
I also can't understand why
Mr Steve Mc Donagh's questions have not been addressed & answered after 4 years!!! Steve, would you consider
re-submitting your request at all please?- I ,for one, would love to hear the answers! Thank you.

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