Northumbria Police Officers (pass and present) illegal activities / Criminal conduct, perverting the course of justice ... Martin McGartland cases

Martin McGartland made this Freedom of Information request to Northumbria Police This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was refused by Northumbria Police.

Martin McGartland

Martin McGartland

12 July 2018

Dear Northumbria Police,

This request is made under the FOIA 2000 for recorded information that relates to Northumbria Police (NP) Officers (pass and present) who have been questioned, given accounts witness statements, interviewed (including under caution) relating to Martin McGartland / his cases and the following;

1. illegal activities / Criminal conduct

2. perverting the course of justice

3. dishonest behaviour / failures

4. false evidence

5. malign influence by past / present officers (including senior, Chief officers, SIO's and Special Branch)

6. malicious smearing and dirty tricks campaign, harassment and intimidation, direct discrimination by NP / NP officers against Martin McGartland ...

7. Non-disclosure of information / data and documents (for reasons of cover up and embarrassment on part of NP) relating to above . And concerning Martin McGartland, his cases

8. deliberate botching / failedof Northumbria police investigations (including smear and attempted murder cases) to protect suspects aw well as others

9. NP officers lying to Martin McGartland as the victim of a crime, to IPCC, IOPC (including Commissioners), the CPS, other police officers / forces, ICO, press, public and others
10. the interference with witnesses both relating to smearing of Martin McGartland by NP and those who were regarding as important in his attempted murder (who met, seen and or come into contact with) those involved in his attempted murder

11 deliberately botching DNA as well as other compelling evidence in the Martin McGartland attempted murder (and smearing) case/s

12 criminal cover up and conspiracy since 17 June 1999 between Northumbria Police special branch, other officers, Mi5, Home Office (including Blair Government at time) and the serious corruption in the Martin McGartland cases to protect IRA, the IRA terrorists who tried to murder Martin McGartland (of which that cover up, the conspiracy and corruption continues to this very day including under the leadership of C/Con Winton Keenen and Team Winton)

13. The major cover up of the major cover ups ... all those who have been party to and involved in those cover up during the past 19 years

14. deliberately botching of complaints by Martin McGartland and the investigations (due to dishonest / corrupt officers and corruption) to protect the force and also other corrupt officers (past and present) involved in in the above

15. false and deliberate claims that Martin McGartland had made complaints maliciously so that dishonest (and totally circumvented) decisions could, and were, by the corrupt PSD.
The result of which was that those complaints against NP / NP officers (including Winton Keenen, past and present SIO's, SB, heads of PSD ...) were never recorded, never investigated. And each / ever complaint was brushed under the carpet and covered up (as well as the evidence relating to them).

This was also done for the above reasons. NP (its corrupt officers and PSD) did same with large number of dishonest and circumvented disapplications, referrals etc that they made to IPCC and later IOPC in which they very deliberately omitted (covered up and concealed) compelling evidence and information that they did not (but which there were required to) send / disclose to IPCC and or IOPC concerning the Martin McGartland cases.

Etc or for any other reasons. I do not require names of those officers. I do require;

A. Rank/s of all/any officers
B. Reasons, what action has being taken (and or has been)
C. Dates regards above as well as A and B ...
D. How many - if any - have been reported to CPS or IPCC, IOPC.

I would like this information to cover the past 5 years.

Yours faithfully,

Martin McGartland