Non-medical temporary staff spends and agency processes

Ryan Hargreaves made this Freedom of Information request to Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust

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Dear Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust,

I am looking to gain information on temporary, non-medical staff and agency processes within your trust. Please find below 3 questions.

1.) What is the temporary, non-medical, non-clinical staff spend breakdown over the last 12 months?

2.) What agencies have been used during this time?

3.) Due you recruit via PSL's, Master Vendor or Vendor Neutral Managed Solution?

Yours faithfully,

Ryan Hargreaves

Freedom Of Information Requests (LSCFT),

Thank you for your Freedom Of Information (FOI) request - have you looked
for the information on the Trust website, as the information may already
be there? 


As you will appreciate due to the CORONAVIRUS the Trust is facing numerous
challenges including pressure in maintain staffing levels and expertise. 
The Trust will endeavour to respond to FOI’s  will most likely be subject
to a delay for the foreseeable future whilst the Trust prioritises the
delivery of healthcare and focuses its resources on making sure that our
patients are receiving the treatment and care needed. 


The Trust appreciates your support during this on-going situation and
suggests that if your request is of a non urgent nature and it can be made
at a later date rather than now, this will assist with managing demand and



General website ([1] and previously
answered FOI requests that we have published on the website can be found
here ([2]


Your FOI request will be acknowledged and if the request is applicable to
the Trust will be responded to within the legal 20 working day deadline.


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