Dear Abbots Hall Primary School, Stanford-le-Hope,

Since becoming an Academy, how much money has been spent on the following?

1. New signage
- a. Essential signage (eg, school name boards)
- b. Non-essential signage (eg, multi-directional sign by entrance)

2. Window frosting (both with and without logo) and painting of "Achieve, Believe, Create".

3. New furniture for reception/foyer area

4. Provision of ties, bags and other clothing items

5. Playground mosaic

6. Website redevelopment

Was any of the above funded by specific restricted funds, or via donations from a Parent/Friends group or similar*? What proportion of overall budget does the above represent?

*If the Academy has a Parent/Friend group what are the constitutional requirements of this group, and who is on the committee?

Yours faithfully,

C Digby

Dear Abbots Hall Primary School, Stanford-le-Hope,

I am concerned to note that you have chosen not to respond to this request as required by law, nor even had the courtesy to acknowledge receipt if unable to meet the legal obligations.

Yours faithfully,

Colin Digby

L Fishleigh, Abbots Hall Primary School, Stanford-le-Hope

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