Noise Abatement Domestic Generators (AONBs)

Mr Frankham made this Environmental Information Regulations request to High Weald Joint Advisory Committee
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Response to this request is long overdue. Although not legally required to do so, we would have expected High Weald Joint Advisory Committee to have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear High Weald Joint Advisory Committee,

Please provide all information held for all periods relating to the following within protected area of outstanding beauty (AONBs) where static caravans are sited.

1. How many complaints have been made and noise abatement notices including fines have been issued and on which dates and to which offenders, include wardens-owners, land owners etc relating to static caravan sites, both residential, holiday and mixed use.

2. Please provide the decibel levels allowed by law for portable generators used in domestic settings in AONBs not on building construction sites etc. Include daylight and night-time hours within a 24 hour period and for which days of the week and weekend.

3. Provide the name of the departments authorised to deal with noise and/ or nuisance pollution (exclude mediation services unless funded by the council).

4. List all licensed static caravan sites in AONBs (including where a resident warden is present) and confirm whether for residential, holiday or mixed use.

5. List all static caravan parks granted a license to use portable generators include diesel, petrol, and alleged “silent generators” and include any conditions attached to the license; such as the duration, purpose i.e. industrial farming etc provide the name of the person licensed.

6. Please include all sites within areas of outstanding natural beauty and include all other agencies that also have a duty to protect wildlife and the environment from noise pollution , damage and statutory nuisance.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Frankham