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Nick Kavanagh police raid19th Dec 2019. Cunard office liverpool

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Freedom of Information request

Ref: Liverpool City Council's Director of Regeneration Nick Kavanagh police raid19th Dec 2019.

Tony Reeves, Chief Executive,
Liverpool City Council
Copy in: Cllr Kemp

Dear Sir,
Your FOI officers are not acting or looking into a number of past FOI's and are misleading replies to members of the public and researchers with regards to a vast number of failed sites all over Liverpool so could you please look into this new FOI in which we will copy to the SFO and the London newspapers ITV Granada reports Manchester, not the local Echo in Liverpool.

Responding to the arrests today, Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson said: "We will co-operate with the police unequivocally and will assist them in any way that we can.
"If there is anything the police needs access to or help with then we will, of course, do that."

Q 1/ Will the Mayor please then explain to the public and the police as to why for over 3 years now he and his staff were all handed information along with intelligence on 'Nick Kavanagh, Cllr Ann O'byrne and four others including Cllr Gary Millar as was all the four reporters in Reach PLC Liverpool Echo, along with Reach PLC Mr. S. Fox London?

Q2/ Joe Anderson himself along with Liam Thorp a reporter from the Liverpool echo has known of this scandal for years or was 'Kavanagh' running the show himself?

Q3/ A number of e-mails, letters to the Mayor have all been logged over the past two years so would the Mayor like us to forward these to the police that may assist them?
Cllr Ann O’Byrne was the Director of housing and worked with Nick Kavanagh, from August 2014 has the Mayor asked to listen to the tape recording of Nick and Ann in a number of meeting in which someone had recorded a number of conversations and also how did PHD1 and NPG Ltd win the bid?

Q4/Has the Mayor not known of the £1,800 cash payment from PHD1 to the Liverpool Labour party and the other £89,000 in cash payments over 2014/15, the Labour HQ London knew all about it as did 39 members of the Liverpool labour party in Liverpool, so how could the Mayor of Liverpool not be told?

Q5/ Does the Mayor not recall a number of letters sent to him and his staff where he was told that a number of ex- echo reporters. and echo reporters could go 'Moonlighting' for a number of PR agents who needed all and any information to sell to the bent developers?

Yet the Mayor now can't recall Dan Hughes PR who worked for the Mayor and hired the Mayor's own daughter to front 'Fox Street Village' a fire trap that was hushed up by both Hughes PR, Cllr J Calvert and Liam Thorp, yet the Mayor knew nothing about this matter also?

Joe Thomas and Allister Houghton in 2018 were given a file on this yet both would never look into Nick Kavanagh, Cllr Gary Millar and four others one being Downtown in business, Mr Frank McKenna The Mayor was passed the same file what has he done with this?

Cllr Kemp along with Ex-MP Peter. Kilfoyle has been saying about the failed developments all over the city for years, yet the Mayor has taken the developers side as did Nick Kavanagh in return for cash, and lots of it.

Yours faithfully,

A L Radnedge

Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are A L Radnedge please sign in and let everyone know.