NHS / DWP data-sharing technical proof of concept opportunity - Patient Records

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Re: NHS / DWP data-sharing technical proof of concept opportunity


The Department explained:
“We've completed Discovery, including proof of concept research with a medical records broker, finding:
- Citizens don't always have / understand the information needed to process their applications - we have to verify their responses with medical professionals - easier if we could access directly (with appropriate consent)
- The current process is largely clerical / paper-based, which is slow and expensive - easier if automated routine requests and digitise ad-hoc requests.
- GPs don't always have / understand information about citizens' 'functional capability', therefore route needed to more relevant medical professionals, such as secondary and community care providers.”

RFI1: Please disclose if the Department has consulted any of the following organisations as part of its work to date:
- Information Commissioner.
- General Medical Council.
- Royal College of General Practitioners.
- British Medical Association.
- Any specialists in medical ethics.

As part of the work to reach this point I assume the DWP will have produced a report(s) summarising what it ‘discovered’ and used this to obtain approval to move forward with this supplier opportunity.

RFI2: Please disclose these reports. Please note this is not a request for everything produced during the discovery process.

RFI3: If issues and risks registers/logs exist for the work to date please disclose them.

If the requested information is not available centrally then please forward this request for information to the relevant person in the Yorkshire and the Humber region.

This request is made on the basis that personal information would be redacted as it is exempt under S.40(2) FOIA.

Yours faithfully,

John Slater

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