NHS bursary funding

Health Education and Improvement Wales did not have the information requested.

Dear Health Education and Improvement Wales,

Please could you provide the breakdown of people who received the NHS student bursary (for the specialisms listed below) and how many of these left Wales after fulfilling their two years of employment.

1. Occupational Therapy
2. Nursing
3. Midwifery
4. Physiotherapy
5. Dental Therapy and Hygiene
6. Dental Hygiene

Timescale - ideally looking at the last 5 years.

Yours faithfully,


Sarah Griffiths (HEIW), Health Education and Improvement Wales

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Dear E G Douglass,


Thank you for your request for information under the Freedom of
Information Act, received on 14 March 2023, which has been allocated
reference number FOI 14-03-23.


Please find attached HEIW’s response to your request. 





Sarah Griffiths

Rheolwr Llywodraethu Corfforaethol | Corporate Governance Manager

Addysg a Gwella Iechyd Cymru (AaGIC) | Health Education and Improvement
Wales (HEIW) 

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