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david schiller made this Freedom of Information request to Northern Ireland Office

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Northern Ireland Office should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

david schiller

Dear Sir or Madam,

By way of explanation for this request under FOI legislation the following is the text of a letter recently sent to the Ministry of Justice, London. They didn't respond to the writer. The Northern Ireland Office, amongst others, were consulted in 2002/3 without useful response: The matter has not been resolved

I would appreciate disclosure of any documentation on the issue that the Northern Ireland Office has

copy text:

The Clerk of the Court
Newry Court House 23 New Street BT35 6JD 3rd January 2008

Dear Sir/Madam

Private Criminal Prosecution

During 2003 the undersigned made various attempts to convince the court registry that any citizen may commence a criminal prosecution but the Registry were adamant that only the Police could do so

Correspondence to the Lord Chancellors Office/Court Service/others failed to achieve anything

A request to be put in front of a Judge of the Court was declined

Grainne Campbell was the person dealing with the issue

I do not know if Ms Campbell is still the person in charge, if so please excuse me not addressing this letter direct

Will you please confirm whether the policy of the Court is still to refuse to process private criminal prosecutions

D A Schiller

Sincerely D A Schiller

FOI, Northern Ireland Office

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Dear Mr Schiller,

Please see attached letter.
Kind Regards,

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FOI, Northern Ireland Office

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Dear Mr Schiller,
Please see attached letter.
Kind Regards,


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david schiller

Dear FOI Team,
Thank you for your attention in this matter: I have done as you suggest.
Perhaps, as the Northern Ireland Office and bearing in mind the matter I have raised, you may also wish to check that the local courts are implementing the law of the land correctly?

Regards, David Schiller

david schiller

Dear FOI Team,

I refer to my request and your response that "we have searched our records and have established that we do not hold any information relating to your request"

I realise that my request was about the Newry court and perhaps I should have been less specific.
Perhaps I could ask you to check any information/documentation you may have in relation to what follows? (If you would prefer I will make a separate request and/or copy the correspondence referred to, to you)

According to my records the Lord Chancellor's Department 'transferred' a letter I had sent to the PM (Blair) and which he had transferred to them, to you!!
The letter to Tony Blair was dated the 20th February 2003 and that from the LC dept. to your office would have been the 25th (or thereabouts) March 2003 (their ref: 61801-1)

I do not think you you responded to the issue originally raised with the PM or contacted me on the issue and I would appreciate if you could check whether you took any action?

It is appreciated that the actual issue was probably not one appropriate to your office but since the LC dept chose to deal with it as they did, I have to check with you.

Regards, David Schiller

FOI, Northern Ireland Office

Dear Mr Schiller

We have checked our records and can confirm from our registers that we
received a copy of your letter to the Prime Minister in February 2003. The
detailed papers have since been destroyed in accordance with our disposal
practices, but from the fact that no case file was set up I think it is
most likely that we would have passed the letter back to the Lord
Chancellor's Department indicating that we did not have responsibility for
courts in Northern Ireland.


FOI team

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Tony Parker left an annotation ()

Hi David,
Have you had any success since your last posting?

david schiller left an annotation ()

Hi WDTK Team, Perhaps of interest to you?
1 The NI Courts and Tribunals Service were requested, under FOIA, to supply some information which they confirmed they would do. In the event they didn's supply any information sought because if they did they would be effectively admitting their criminal act in supporting a judges criminal behaviour in handling a Court Case!
2 Having not supplied any information whatsoever, agreed to have been poroperly sought they said they had supplied all the information sought and my request was vexatious!
( It is said, that the person requesting information cannot be deemed 'vexatious – it is only the 'information sought' that can be termed vexatious)
3 The Case officer, having not found any information said to have been supplied, emailed saying she would be leaving ICO today and S would take over. S didn't discover any information sought and the Commissioner asked her to compose a Decision Notice to the effect that the Request was Vexatious and for her to give his reasons for his Decision.
Could you make it up?

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