New appointments opening time

Waiting for an internal review by UK Border Agency of their handling of this request.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please confirm as to when do UKBA provides new appointment slots on the website link

They seem to appear and suddently become full.

Also online slots are for 8 weeks in advance. Please confirm.

Are the same slots open if an appointment is booked by phone OR are the phone appointments have more than the online slots.

Thnkyou in advance

Yours faithfully,

S Garg

Gia A left an annotation ()

An update from UKBA will be greatly appreciate.

I too am a victim of the same issue. Need to get a premium application made so that I can travel.
At public enquiry office, every one gives different picture. some say - January slots are booked, some say January slots are not yet made available.

There is a total lack of transparency, so much chaos and panic regarding premium applications.

Moreover, some immigration consultancies are able to guarantee a personal appointment and same day service. But these popular consultancies charge over 1300 pounds!!


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Similar issue raised by me via another request here -


vito left an annotation ()

I constantly (evry 5 minutes or so) check appointments on

The last time appointments were released in late October (for the appointment dates on 21-24 December). During last 3 weeks (since late October) "no appointments available" so far (neither for December nor for January).

This is not normal. No information provided neither about when (how often) appoinments to be released, nor about how many places available (and why solicitors can book appointments for the specific dates, while the applicants can not). No transparency whatsoever.


Dear UK Border Agency,
Please note that the response to the request is overdue as per the rules of RTI (right to information)

Yours faithfully,


UK Border Agency

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Sent a follow up to UK Border Agency again.

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I'm in the same situation as you. I'm supposed to be the Maid of Honour at my sisters wedding in South Africa - despite many requests, I cant seem to get any sense out of the UKBA.



Dear UK Border Agency,

Please confirm the times and day that you release the appointments for Tier 1 General Premium Service.

Your answers to my question has gone unoticed and the response as per law is overdue.

Yours faithfully,

S Garg

Freedom Of Information Team \( IND \), UK Border Agency

Dear S Garg

Re: New appointments opening time

Thank you for your recent e-mail concerning the above matter.
Your request is being dealt with under the terms of the Freedom of
Information Act 2000 and we will respond shortly

Kind Regards

FOI Team

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vito left an annotation ()

Similar issue raised by me via another request here -


S Garg left an annotation ()

I requested this information from you a long time ago. Nearly one month has passed since the expiry of the last date.
I have been trying the appointments. A new week is added every Monday Night at 12AM sharp but with no appointments. I and friends have tried simultaniously sharp at the time to avoid any missed upportunity. But the appointments are not made available. This is a con being operated by the UKBA under the pretext of being helpful to public. They charge preposterous amounts to issue visas and there is no service.
The Premium service is a farce and is apparanly being sold to the solicitors to con us the general public of our hard earned money in the form of Visa fee + Primium Service Fee + Solicitors Cut.
When will the UKBA wakeup to answer this request pending under the Right to Information Law?

Freedom Of Information Team \( IND \), UK Border Agency

Dear Mr Garg,

Thank you for your e-mail of 15 December 2009 concerning your request
for information about the release of appointments for Tier 1 General
Premium Service. This falls to be treated under the Freedom of
Information Act.

We are now in a position to offer a full reply to your request. I am
pleased to be able to disclose the information that you requested to

New appointments are released on a daily basis to both the online
booking system and our call centres. At least one day's worth of
appointments at all branches is added to the online system every day.

The Agency experiences particularly high demand at this time of year and
appointments are often reserved immediately. The Agency continually
reviews appointment availability and adjusts according to demand and to
optimise resources.

Information about appointments can be found on the UKBA website at:

If you are dissatisfied with this response you may request an
independent internal review of our handling of your request by
submitting your complaint within two months to the below address quoting
reference [case register reference]:

Information Access Policy Team
(Freedom of Information Team)
UK Border Agency
11th Floor - Short Corridor
Lunar House,
40 Wellesley Road

During the independent review the department's handling of your
information request will be reassessed by staff who were not involved in
providing you with this response. Should you remain dissatisfied after
this internal review, you will have a right of complaint to the
Information Commissioner as established by section 50 of the Freedom of
Information Act.

I hope that you find this information of interest, and would like to
assure you that you have been supplied with all relevant information
that the Home Office holds.

Yours sincerely

Freedom of Information Team

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Dear Freedom Of Information Team ( IND ),

Thanks for the long awaited but incomplete response.

I am afraid you have not responded to my request precisely. I requested 'when are new appointments made available on the website'

You have only replied that it is added every day. The information is vague and not complete.

Please confirm the precise time of new appointments added to the website.

Yours sincerely,

S Garg

mk left an annotation ()

I myself have been unable to come to terms with how this system works. Been trying to book since Xmas

After a few very difficult calls i found someone who "THINKS" they know how the system works

Lets say the home office takes bookings 3 months in advance. Today is the 7th so bookings 3 months (only one days) are made available.

So now lets say each office gets 10 slots. Those slots are not only for online booking. Apparently there are internal was of booking these slots and if they are all taken then nothing is available online even if that week is shown. The system simply makes the week available

The reason for showing the week (and the reason why they say check every day) is because lets say someone cancels an appointment on 16 Feb or the 3 march or any random date in the future...then someone (home office employee)will make that slot available and again if it is not Swallowed up but someone internally then you will be able to book it online...

Sounds ridiculous but that is pretty much what i have managed to extract from them and lets just say that i would not trust the source as they sound about as convincing as my Dentist about the pain

This is all for information purposes and i will await the response to be posted here "hopefully"

vito left an annotation ()

" I requested 'when are new appointments made available on the website'

You have only replied that it is added every day. The information is vague and not complete.

Please confirm the precise time of new appointments added to the website."

There is no set precise time: according to my observations (I checked every day last 1-2 months and gathered statistics): every another day appointments are being released at different time (it is completely random for me).

If anyone can share his/her own observations about the matter: it would be greatly appreciated.

Srini left an annotation ()

oh my God! Why don't home office just be transparent and provide us a monthly or a tri monthly calander rather than asking us to drag week by week for every center? I am sure there are better web designers in UK who can do this than in China or India. This website is just wasting people's productive time by asking them to check later every time. Could you please be transparent and provide how many slots are made available every day and what time and day they are made available? If the slots were already taken why don't you just say that there are no more slots available for that particular date rather than telling to check later! Are online and telephone slots same or different? How come they are available to solicitors if not available through online or telephone? Is there any one corrupt in home office that sells the slots to solicitors unlawfully? This is real shambles. I would appreciate if we all get a proper reply from UK border agency. Thanks.

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Can’t agree with you more!

It’s easier to get a job in HO than book an appointment with this fake on-line system ha-ha!

I noted that they release them in the evening and maybe in the morning (or they were still available in the morning). After 9am all of them are gone. After 6pm same day the SAME appointments are available again. Why? How? :)

They are NEVER more than 6 weeks ahead – means it’s the same as over the phone.

On the phone the replies are: a) we don’t know when we get appointments b) we get them every day for 6 weeks ahead c) all done on-line, on phone nothing is available.

My understanding is that they will no release date in new week unless previous week still available.

phil hayward left an annotation ()

The UKBA is a bad joke - poorly designed, difficult logon protocol, doesn't remember details of a family group; confusingly I seemed to have to register three times for three seperate members of family - each with a 9 digit login and 16 digit transaction reference - all of which need to be entered every time you login to try and search for an appointment which isn't available.

S Garg left an annotation ()

Use phone first thing at the opening time on the dot. That is the only way

Sree left an annotation ()

Is any one else having trouble finding an appointment slot at the UKBA for premium applications?

S Garg left an annotation ()

The block of new appointments are now released at 12 am each day.


sree hari left an annotation ()

thank you so much Sashi!! I got my appointment. Please follow Sashi advice to get your appointment.

Sree Hari.

RJ left an annotation ()

Hi, it's now February 2012 and this problem still persits. Can anyone pls shed some up to date light on how to book an appointment?

I read a few stories of how ppl have paid solicitors an inexplicable amt of money to secure an appointment. Is this the only way?

I am that close from deciding to dedicate special time to suing the home office after this nightmare is over, pls God. Why do they get away with this and are allowed to treat non-nationals like filth.

Sorry for the rant but it's been quite a frustrating experience trying to book an appt.

Anyone with some tips and tricks pls let me know.

Thank you

S Garg left an annotation ()

Try exact at 12 midnight.


Vikky left an annotation ()


I ve tried at 12am till 1am
no change, it doesnt work
please help how to get a premium appointment


Abisola Babalola left an annotation ()

UKBA, MR GAGG, Anyone!

Please i desperately need an appointment and i've been trying to book it but to no avail. My visa expires really soon and i need to renew it before i travel. Please please please i really need to get a response as soon as possible.
MAny thanks in advance!

RB left an annotation ()

I have been trying to get a Premium appointment since last month with no luck. Great price to stay in this country. I need to travel very soon, can anyone share some tips on how to get an app.



OJ left an annotation ()

I intend to apply in November 2012 and the week in question would be added next week Monday as they’ve been doing. My concern is that in the last 3 weeks, ive been checking to try and understand how and when appointments are actually added. The closed I came was a Thursday morning when 2 appointments became available in Croydon. I tried again a few mins afterwards and they’ve gone. I don’t suppose everyone now uses premium service or am I missing something? Anyone with a bit of information, please respond.



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Hi, i just booked my appointment today at 7am.
For few months I was trying to check and there is no appointments , when i called to home office they said that they put apps from 12 midnight till 7am, so i tried many times from midnight till 2.30 am but so many time was close to book but usually it says that appointment no longer available and some time web site just dont respond for long time as its too busy. If website doesnt respod from ur loptop try through ur phone as it works better, so then i tried to do it at 7am and i was lucky I booked one and next second i checked and they all gone again, just try to log in non stop at 12 midnight and 7am. Goodluk

KT left an annotation ()

There are lots of appointments for all places and all times at 12 midnight but web site is too busy. Try to log in non stop as they all will be gone in one hour or some times even less, but also try 7am for few days and u will get it.

KT left an annotation ()

And slots are 6 weeks in advance. booked on 9th of oct for 20th of nov.

Gu-Akro left an annotation ()

Hi Everyone, I owe you the experiences you have shared on this forum which has really been very helpful. Taking on board all the advice given my various contributors, I staued awake last night and started pursuing the online application website at exactly 12 midnight. Initially the site kept crashing but I did not cave in, but continued to refresh until over a dozen slots finally popped out at various centres which made me panic, so I chose the first one got through to the form completion, but upon submission the site crashed again, but I continued rfreshing until it sent an error message that they ar having technical difficulties with the site. I was compelled to rebook adn had another slot which was visibly successful. Unknowingly to me the first one had gone through as well and UKBA had apparently sent be a confirmation email. So I check my email and BOOM!! there were 2 confirmations. I had to phone UKBA this morning to cancel one after they confirmed that both booking were valid. Prior to that I spendtevery 15 miniute yesterday checking on booking slots and a couple came mostly in Liverpool and Croydon, but I did not book them because they were outside my qualifying period. so I would encourage you all to continue searching and something definately will come up and put a smile on your faces. Normally a bulk of the appointments are circa between 30 to 42 day ahead.
I'd advice people nto to vent their fustration on UKBA, but from what I have experienced there seem to be a syndicate of sophisticated appointment hunters who stay around the clock to secure bookings for their clients so if you are prepared to forfeit some sleep adn comfort with some prayers you can also secure a slot

Wishing you all the best and God bless you.

NP left an annotation ()

Hello there S Garg:

Great to have this being initiated by yourself. I do find myself struggling, like the rest of you, to secure an appointment and going to take advice of checking round the clock. I just heard that the super premium service of getting the biometrics to your home or convenient location costs 6500 GBP!! Its an amazing little money making machine by the UKBA.

I am guessing getting a premium appint is better than postal as I hear postal takes 6-8 weeks minumum after the biometric stuff ??? I have the same issue of upcoming travel being on the brink of getting cancelled.

Basically, the more you pay (with lawyers, etc. ), the better chances you have. For the rest of us, its drudgery and inconvenience. Sounds just like everything else in the world so gotta keep calm and carry on :)


Mr Beeche left an annotation ()

Thanks for all the insights on how to handle this crazy system. I rang the UKBA today and discovered with horror what you all know - the ridiculous way this system is set up. The assistant told me that the appointments are released every day between 5pm and midnight, most likely towards midnight. However everyone here has spoken of the appointments being released mostly after midnight or around 7am. Am I correct in thinking from all your experiences between midnight and 1am, and then again at 7am are the best times? Thanks!

Gu-Akro left an annotation ()

Yes! btwn midnight and 7 am will obviously be your best bet. You need to continue refreshing the page even when you get failure messages because a lot of people like yourself will be competing for a limited slot. I'd advise you do it from a broadband with fast connect, not forgetting a good browser too. All the best

Manish left an annotation ()

You should try after midnight. If it starts saying offline messages - then you know the system is updating.

aparna left an annotation ()

We are trying for an appt in december since 3 days in the midnight 12am.First day i am able to see some slots exactly at 12am.Before i submit the details it'a again down.Yesterday we can't even see the slots also.We tried for almost 1 hr between 12AM and 1AM continuously refreshing.Any suggestions please.because we r running out of it beneficial if we try between 12Am and 7AM continuously???we r opening 5-6 tabs in each it correct way to approach..please help us on this situation...

M. Krishnan left an annotation ()

First of all thanks to all of you who have contributed to the post with the invaluable information and also to Mr.Garg who initiated this thread. I have been trying for the last 3 days to book the appointment between 12:00 am and 1:00 am, but the website seems to crash everytime I check for appointments..sometimes you can't even log in. I must have refreshed the screen atleast 100 times but still nothing comes up and by 1 am, the site becomes stable and you don't get a single appointment. I even tried the 7am thing, but the same error keeps coming "We can not complete your appointment booking. This is due to a technical problem. Please try again later." I'm losing hope and looks like there is some nexus between agents and UKBA IT guys. Can anybody suggest any alternatives?

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A number of annotations offering people appointments in exchange for money have been removed.

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Alex - WhatDoTheyKnow volunteer

finallymadeit! left an annotation ()

I have just now successfully booked an appointment via the UKBA website (which was one of the most frustrating things I've ever done). After weeks of trying and failing to secure an appointment because the website would continually go down, I tried something different tonight, and it worked! So I thought I'd share...

New appointments are released at midnight. So I opened several versions of the webpage in different tabs about 11:45. I ticked the appropriate boxes all the way to the screen where you select your dates and appointment centres. I left all the pages at this point (I had three tabs open, so that if one failed, I could try again quickly). I narrowed the selection to the fewest dates possible (just to the 42nd day that would be released at midnight) and to the only PEO that was closest to me (Croydon), so that the system wouldn't have much info to look through to find available appointments, and would work faster.

Then, before clicking 'next', to test if the site was working, I tried to open a new booking session in a new tab. Most of the time I would get a message that said 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage'. This means the system is down. But as soon as that test page loaded and I could see the screen to select what category I wanted to apply to, the site is back up. So I'd switch to one of my pre-queued tabs and click next. This brought up a list of available appointments. I selected the one I wanted, but did NOT click next. To make sure the site was still up, I opened a new tab and tried to access it again. Once that new tab loaded, I went back to the one where I had selected an appointment and clicked 'next'. There's a further screen after you select the appointment you want - where you have to put in your name and date of birth, as well as fill out a captcha. Test to make sure the site is working for this screen too, before clicking 'book'.

I had found appointments several times before this, but clicked next too quickly, and by the time I did that the site was down again. And so every time, I lost the appointment. It's incredibly frustrating to get so close just to lose the appointment because of website problems, but this testing before continuing method seems to have worked for me!

I hope you guys will find this useful, and wish everyone the best of luck getting appointments!

finallymadeit! left an annotation ()

Oh, and one more thing - I don't think checking round the clock does much good, unless you are trying to book an appointment within the next few weeks (and hoping to catch a cancelled appointment). I've tried that too over the last few weeks, and never found anything. I tried literally thousands of times... I think the best thing is to book 42 days out, right at midnight.

Dee left an annotation ()

I booked an appointment with the help of suggestion from finalymadeit..

I would suggest if you need closer dates then check 48 hours before. you are very likely to get it as most of the solicitors released the slots which they had booked in very advance because you can only cancel appointments online 48 hrs prior so there are also other people whose documents are not completed.

Remember that in UKBA appointments are only from 08:00 AM to 11:30 AM. Try this time around 48 hrs before.. if any office if open only on Weekday then no point trying on Thursday/Friday but you are most likely to get on other days between 07:30 Am to 11:00 Am..

Worked for me.. Good luck for yours!!!


Merry left an annotation ()

hello everyone,, can someone pls tell me, every night at midnight ukba adds new date and time for appointments or the once that come out after midnight are slots cancelled by other people I don't get that part??

Merry left an annotation ()

Also,, would really help if anyone knows if am able to book two appointments .? different places and time?

S Garg left an annotation ()

Time slots between 8am to 12pm for Mon-Fri open each working day at 12am. Best is to open 2-3 windows. Fill in data in one and click in another similar window to see if site has not crashed and then send your data from another window.
This works. My daughter and son-in-law recently had booked on first attempt twice.

See this for detailed process

Goodluck all


Nishanth left an annotation ()

Hi All,
I have gone through what everyone is saying about booking an appointment slot. I am facing the same difficulty. But everyone is referring to a reference number and DOB that they enter, after they find a slot. Just in case I get lucky and do find a slot, I do not have a reference number with me yet.... On 'My Transactions' tab, I see 'Status' as 'Application not complete' and Reference says 'Reference will be created on submission'. Now, I am not able to go past the appointment booking step to submit it, so I don't know what would come next...Is it generated after this step?

Am I trying for an appointment slot before completing the application? If yes, where do I find the complete button or submit button.... Is this why I am not finding a slot? I can't see anything but a next button after the print your application step.

This is for a Tier 2 General application (change of employment).

anyone who knows how I can find the reference number, please help....


S Garg left an annotation ()

You do not need to enter the reference number. It is not mandatory.
S Garg

Nishanth left an annotation ()

Thank you S Garg...I am still trying since 12:00 AM with my luck yet. Says technical error......

Nishanth left an annotation ()

I got an appointment!!!!! But I was not directed to the payment page after that to pay for my application and submit it. And if I click on the Complete button, in my TRansaction summary, it just makes me go through the booking appointment step again, whereas I can clearly see my appointment listed on account summary...What should I do?
It is at Glasgow. Can I pay for the application on the day of the appointment? Is it compulsory to complete the online application or will a paper form filled in on the day at the PEO suffice? This is a Tier 2 General visa application.

S Garg left an annotation ()

Payments are taken at the PEO on the day of appointment.

azadeh left an annotation ()

Hi please help, It s 3 weeks,I am trying to book an appointment, at first it shows 2 appointments but when I selected and booked it said no longer available
from last week they changed the sytem max you can choose 5 minutes per 15 mins it makes it too difficult I tried day and night tired any one succeeded to book an appointment in new system?

ADELLA left an annotation ()

There is a girl who helped me to book an appointment at UK Border Agency.

I give you her email for you to contact her, maybe she can help you to book an appointment:


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