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William Thackeray made this Freedom of Information request to Charity Commission for England and Wales

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was successful.

William Thackeray

Dear Sir or Madam,







It is possible that the trustees of the above charities have failed to state one of the main aims of their organisations, which may be that of promoting Church of Scientology Religious Education College Inc (a US corporation, which has previously been denied UK charitable status).

a) If this is the case, have the trustees committed an offence? If so, please provide details.

b) If this is the case, can the Charity Commission take any action against these charities? If so, please provide details.

c) What form of evidence should I submit in respect of this matter, and to whom should I submit it?

d) Can such a report be made anonymously? (I am concerned about the possibility of reprisals from members of Church of Scientology Religious Education College Inc or their associates against me or my family).

Yours faithfully,

William Thackeray

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If we cannot give you a full response within fifteen days, we will contact
you and let you know the reasons why this is not possible and indicate
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CCD Email Team, Charity Commission for England and Wales

Dear Mr Thackeray,

Thank you for your email.

We need to know where there is a serious risk of significant harm to or
abuse of a charity, its assets, beneficiaries or reputation.

The issues we consider to be serious or significant and unacceptable for
any charity, its trustees, employees or agents to be engaged in are set
out in the list below. The issues are not listed in any order of priority:

*** significant financial loss to the charity;
*** serious harm to beneficiaries and, in particular, vulnerable
*** threats to national security, particularly terrorism;
*** criminality within or involving a charity;
*** sham charities set up for an illegal or improper purpose;
*** charities deliberately being used for significant private advantage;
*** where a charity's independence is seriously called into question;
*** serious non-compliance in a charity that damages or has the potential
to damage its reputation and/or the reputation of charities generally;
*** serious non-compliance in a charity which, left unchecked, could
damage public trust and confidence in the Charity Commission as an
effective regulator.

'Serious' or 'significant' will be different for different sizes of
charity. When considering financial loss we are concerned about any actual
or suspected fraud or theft (or loss due to any other actual or suspected
criminal activity) regardless of the scale of funds or value of other
property involved. For any significant loss due to other causes we are
concerned, as a guide, about any loss of funds or other property with a
value of 20% or more of the charity's income, or **25,000, whichever is
the smaller amount. For amounts lower than that, our level of concern will
depend on how significant the loss is for the charity taking into account
the charity's income, work and other modifying factors. This does not
include the value of the investment funds lost in the ordinary course of
investment business. There may be instances, however, where the amount
lost is so small that it is not proportionate to take the matter further.

The Commission's remit does not extend to investigating criminal activity
or concerns about taxation. If these issues are brought to our attention
we will advise you to whom you should address your complaint. Action taken
by the Commission in such matters will be restricted to considering
whether there has been misconduct or mismanagement in the administration
of the charity in allowing illegal activity or taxation irregularities to
occur. There may also be a need for us to act to protect charity property.
If you think that a crime has occurred you should report the matter to the
police as well as to the Commission.

For further information please see our publication [1]CC47 Complaints
about Charities.

Please see section D4 of the CC47 regarding anonymity.

Kind regards,

Linda Low
Charity Commission Direct

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form and to view and make changes to your charity***s details.

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