My complaint malpractice

samantha made this Freedom of Information request to Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Dear Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service

To head complaints office
Requested internal investigation and report to following why this has occurred
Cr14 p01575

Please note I have original documents I still believe there has been a cover up on corruption on the case to date I had not had satisfactory investigation

the law society also investigating matter however an internal investigation should have been sought

For Following reasons
Police have put in writing have statedyhey suspect mal practice within the case
Got caf cas officer does not understand in writing why her reports had been ignored
It appears not being legal represented I was prejudiced against
respondent solicitor suspected of doctored documents within bundle
And transcript conviently gone missing on complaints

What is extremely concerning court was alerted day before by email to state there was doctored documents in bundle day before hearing was due the court despite this court ignored the mal practice and fraud activity
Croydon court Also failed to support the police officer investigating the case

By such activity conducted it is infact damaging families and alienating children therefore is not giving the service or protecting law in which it should be doing
Infact Echr 8 was preached by court in case of which if DJ major was assigned to
It's extremely concerning I have not had a satisfactory reply to why such conduct was allowed to occur

Yours faithfully,

Samantha s

Dave Darby left an annotation ()

And what is it that you are actually requesting Samantha?
Your post seems more like a rant than a request for information available to the public.

Governance - Cafcass, Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service

Dear Madam

Thank you for your email. We cannot respond to this on a public forum as this is not a Freedom of Information request but is a complaint about an individual case. We will forward your email to our complaints team but they will not be able to respond to this email address.

Please note that any complaints must be sent to: [email address]

Kind regards,

Governance Team | Cafcass
G [CAFCASS request email] |  

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