Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

By way of background, I refer to my previous similar requests at

You didn't hold any information to give in response to those requests but I am once again hoping that by now you have acquired some. So my current request is:

This request is about Mandatory Work Activity (MWA) and Community Work Placements

I am aware that in these schemes placements must be additional to existing or expected vacancies.


"A1.03 Placements must be additional to existing or expected
vacancies (i.e. they must not displace what would otherwise be paid
economic jobs, or impact existing employees within the host
organisation) ..." in

Given that it would be counter-productive if paid employees were losing their jobs or hours because of these schemes, checking that this doesn't happen would be a responsible action for you to take.

I would therefore be grateful if you would provide me with copies of all research intended to measure compliance with these aspects of the schemes.

Once again, to save us both time, I remind you that section 1(1) of the Act allows you to respond to my request by saying that you don't hold the information. In the past you have provided information on related subjects and needed prompting to fulfil my request according to law.

Such additional informations was no doubt kindly meant but is unnecessary.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Harris

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Dear Mr Harris

Please see attached reply to your recent Freedom of Information request.

Many Thanks

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John Slater left an annotation ()

I thought this was interesting:

"As stated previously the Department has a team of performance managers who hold monthly reviews and regularly visit providers to discuss their performance and the quality of what they are delivering."

I wonder what measures are in place to compare performance against?

If the performance managers produce reports they would be interesting to see. Even if the DWP refuses to disclose the latest ones the older reports shouldn't be a problem.

Mr Harris left an annotation ()

Thank you John Slater - an excellent point! This may be a useful route for digging out some useful information. I can also see ways DWP could frustrate such research. Look out for some possible future requests :-)

Mr Harris left an annotation ()

The DWP still don't know if their workfare schemes cost paid jobs

Mr Harris left an annotation ()

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