daniela drysdale

Dear Sir or Madam,

With regard to the 2000 Re-opened Formal Investigation into the sinking of MV Derbyshire.

A paper published at http://mv-derbyshire.blogspot.com/2009/0... reveals that the hatch covers on the Derbyshire complied neither with the minimum strength requirements of the International Load Line Convention 66 nor with the standards of Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, in force at the time of the vessel’s build, and that these non-compliances could have been a crucial factor in the loss of the vessel.

The final report of the 2000 Derbyshire RFI appears to have have 'overlooked' this fact, stating instead that: “7.16 At the time of the DERBYSHIRE’s last voyage her hatch covers complied with the minimum strength requirements of ILLC 66 and of the Lloyd’s Register of Shipping Rules”.

I would therefore be grateful if you could answer the following questions:

Does the Department agree with the arguments and disclosures presented in the above-mentioned online article? If not, could you provide us with your specific (technical) counter-arguments and with information regarding the identity of those who formulated them and offered you technical advice on this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Daniela Drysdale

daniela drysdale

Dear Sir or Madam,

Could you please acknowledge receipt of my FOI request of 28 January 2009 and confirm that you will be answering it within the time prescribed by law?

Yours sincerely,

Daniela Drysdale

Adam Paine, Department for Transport

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Ms Drysdale,

Please find attached the Department's response to your FOI request of 28
January, in which you asked about the Department's views regarding
information published online about the MV Derbyshire and the reopened
formal inquiry into its loss.


Adam Paine.

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