Muslim student entry statistics into Higher Education

Dr Abida Malik made this Freedom of Information request to Million+
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Million+ did not have the information requested.

Dear Million+,

I am a researcher at Claystone, a think-tank which is working to
better relations within British Society. Currently I am looking at
University across the UK, entry levels into Higher education for
students based upon their religious or no religious background.

1. The number of students enrolling in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
and 2015
2. Please break down the numbers above by year group. i.e. years 1,
2, 3 and 4 etc
3. Please provide the number of students that identified their
belief system
4. Please break down the numbers to identify the numbers that
identified with each belief system

If you have any similar statistics for FE that would also be of

Yours faithfully,

Dr Abida Malik

Alan Palmer, Million+

Dr Malik


My colleague, Jayne, passed this on to me to follow up with you.


The data that you ask for is held by [1]HESA, which collects it from
individual universities on a yearly basis and publishes it on their
website – the latest information on student enrolments (for 2014/15
academic year) is here: [2]


Other years are available in the student section that page. HESA separates
out first year enrolments in each year of data, but does not show the year
of study of other students. I do not know if they collect that
information.  I also do not believe that HESA publishes data on belief, so
I would advise you to contact them for more information about both of
those points.


I am less familiar with FE statistics – these are published by the
Department for Education:







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