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DPatrick made this Freedom of Information request to Bromsgrove District Council as part of a batch sent to 84 authorities

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

This request has been withdrawn by the person who made it. There may be an explanation in the correspondence below.

Dear Bromsgrove District Council,
Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I kindly request the following information in the context of domestic waste bin/sack collection services, as opposed to trade/commercial collections or waste disposal.

1. Are you currently in a partnership with other councils for waste IT system operations or procurement? If in a partnership please name the partner councils?

2. Do you currently operate waste services (collections) directly, or through a waste contractor such as Biffa, Suez or Veolia. If through a contractor, please name them.

3. Which of the IT systems below do you use for the management of day to day municipal bin collections:
a. Yotta
b. Bartec Collective
c. AMCS Clear
d. Whitespace/Powersuite
e. Contender/Swift Datapro/Agile
f. Selected Interventions / Echo
g. Core (Suez)
h. Webaspx
i. Microsoft Excel or similar
j. No IT system
k. Other: [please name]

4. When is your current contract for the IT system OR outsourced waste contract for waste collections management due to expire?

5. Please provide contact information for the service manager responsible for waste collections.

I would like to thank you in advance for your help with this and particularly at a time when I appreciate that responses may be delayed.

Yours faithfully,

Mr David Patrick

foi BDC, Bromsgrove District Council

We regret that we are unable to deal with your freedom of information
request at this time. There is a huge amount of information about the
council available on its website and we would urge you to look at this
site first to find the answers to your questions.  Reports and minutes
considered by formal meetings of Council and its committees can be seen at
this [1]<link> and information about planning applications can be seen


Given the outbreak of coronavirus, the council is prioritising essential
services and we hope you will understand why dealing with freedom of
information requests is now not a priority. The outbreak has reduced
council staffing levels with the expectation that there will be an
increasing number of staff who are ill or self-isolating. Therefore, in
many cases, the staff who might know where to locate the information you
seek may simply not be available. Also, so far as “round robin” requests
from the media and think-tanks are concerned – particularly any that might
be to do with the council’s preparation for or response to coronavirus –
our priority has to be responding to the outbreak and keeping a limited
range of essential services running.


We will therefore not be providing responses to any freedom of information
requests received after 19th March 2020, beyond this generic
acknowledgement. We will review this situation at the end of May 2020
whether to extend this position. If you wish to resubmit your request
after we have ended the temporary suspension of the service, you are
welcome to do so and we will consider it at that time.


The Council’s media team is available to provide a comment on any specific
issue raised by the media in the usual way but this is not a route to
circumvent temporary suspension of responses to freedom of information


We have informed the Information Commissioner’s Office of our position and
advised them that we will also decline to deal with any complaints that
the ICO may receive as a result of the temporary suspension of this



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3. mailto:[email address]
4. mailto:[Bromsgrove District Council request email]

Dear foi BDC,
I appreciate that you have a backlog of FOI requests and trust that you will be able to respond to my request soon.

Yours sincerely,


foi BDC, Bromsgrove District Council

Dear Mr Patrick,

Please note that all the Freedom of Information (FOI) requests this Council received between 20 March and 30 May were deleted, so the automatic message we sent out to requesters did specify that requests would have to be resubmitted.

We are now processing FOIs normally, so please resubmit and your request will be processed in accordance with FOI regulations.

I apologise for any inconvenience.

Kind regards,


Nicola Brothwell
Information Support Officer, Business Development
Bromsgrove District & Redditch Borough Councils

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