Mr Jez Hall

The request is waiting for clarification. If you are Julian Saunders, please sign in to send a follow up message.

Dear Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council,

I am informed by SMBC staff that Jan Britton requested that Mr Jez Hall amend a Council report but that Mr Hall declined to do so resulting in his suspension.

Please disclose the original report as prepared or presented by Mr Hall and any later amended report.

We understand that Mr Hall was subsequently drummed out of the Council with a pay-off and the usual confidentiality clause. Please disclose the wording of the confidentiality clause.

Yours faithfully,

Julian Saunders

Sandwell MBC, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

Mr Julian Saunders
Your request for information has been passed to an investigating officer.
Your reference is FS-Case-66326074
Thank you
Sandwell MBC

Info Management, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

Dear Mr Saunders,

In order to process your request further I am seeking clarification from you in regards to the council report you have mentioned. Can you please confirm which council report you are referring to?

Once we receive clarification from you, we will begin to process your request and respond to you within the 20 working day time limit.

Under Section 1(3) if the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), a public authority need not comply with a request unless any further information reasonably required to locate the information is supplied. If I do not receive clarification from you by 26 February 2018, your request will be considered to have lapsed and will be closed.

Kind Regards
Information Management Unit

Sandwell Council
West Midlands
B69 3DE
E: [Sandwell Council request email]

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Dear Info Management,

I do not have the information requested.

You are uniquely aware of the reasons disciplinary action was taken against Mr Hall leading to his departure from the Council. The request is what Mr Hall is alleged to have done wrong leading to this action being taken. I understand that Mr Britton is fully au fait with the facts of this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Julian Saunders

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