Motorway Cops - No Evidence Offered - 10Kg Drugs In Car Boot

Richard Taylor made this Freedom of Information request to Crown Prosecution Service

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Crown Prosecution Service did not have the information requested.

Dear Crown Prosecution Service,

I have just watched the TV show "Motorway Cops" broadcast on BBC 1 from 20.00 on Thursday the 2nd of February 2012.

The show ended by saying the CPS offered no evidence in the case of the two men caught with 10Kg of class A drugs in the boot of the car they were in.

Could you please release the documents describing the charging decision, and any decision not to pursue the case, along with the reasons and justifications for those decisions.

If a public interest test is engaged I would like the fact that this case, and the CPS decision, was featured on national television in a prominent slot to be taken into account.

I note that I am not seeking any personal information and expect the information provided to be redacted where required if certain elements are subject to exemptions within the Freedom of Information Act.



Richard Taylor

Piero Alexis left an annotation ()

So you watch a tv program and then decide to make an foi request.

When foi is downsized due to frivolous requests i hope you think hard about the wasted resource.

Public money could be spent on policing, nhs etc, but no.. lets send fois because of tv and boredom....!

Richard Taylor left an annotation ()

If the information released reveals there is a problem with some part of the system, be it the police, courts, or CPS then getting it out in the open might help get it fixed.

Stopping drug dealers more effectively could make large savings, both for individuals, and for the state.

Savings for individuals would not only be in monetary terms, but in terms of health, and potentially reducing the huge upset and upheaval burglaries and other crime often connected to drug use can cause.

If there was more routine openness and routine proactive publication of material by the CPS then requests like this would not be needed. As it is the crime, justice and policing sector of the UK state is very secretive. Programmes like Motorway Cops give a rare, and useful insight into a generally secretive world.

Clearly I think this is a valid and defensible use of FOI otherwise I would not have made the request. I would not make any request I would not be prepared to justify to a room full of taxpayers. I have put my name to the request and publicised it via my personal website and Twitter feed

Freedom of Information Unit, Crown Prosecution Service

Dear Mr Taylor,

We confirm receipt of your request for information.

Your request was received on 3rd February and we are dealing with it under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Please note there is a twenty working day limit (from receipt of request) in which we are required to respond to requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The deadline for your request is 2nd March 2012; however we will endeavour to respond sooner.

Yours sincerely

Information Management Unit

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Ams Inc left an annotation ()

I agree wholeheartedly with this request. Why?
To understand the reasoning would, I feel, benefit public understanding.

Joel Mansford left an annotation ()

It seemed bizarre to me too. If nothing else it sends out the wrong message.

Richard Taylor left an annotation ()

It has been suggested on Twitter that this occurred in Doxey, Stafford:!/charliejane_xx/st...

Richard Taylor left an annotation ()

I have placed the relevant clips from the show on YouTube at:

Link to the report of the CPS decision:

The car was stopped in Doxey according to the programme, the officers involved were:

PS 4423
PC 7463
PC 2503 (Poss 2303)

Dear Freedom of Information Unit,

Re: Freedom of Information request 3113

In order to assist with your search for the information I have requested, I can add that the event mentioned in my request took place in Doxey, Stafford, and the following police officers were involved:

PS 4423
PC 7463
PC 2503 (Poss 2303)

I have placed the relevant clips from the Motorway Cops TV show on YouTube at:

A direct link to the report of the CPS decision is:



Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor left an annotation ()

One possibility is that a deal was done and those caught in the car were let off in return for identifying those for whom they were carrying the drugs.

Hopefully we'll be told.

Thirst left an annotation ()

I can't help but cast my mind back to an interview on LBC once with an ex-police officer in the MET who talked about the corruption that went on. While I'm not suggesting this was the case, he said that it was not uncommon for drugs to 'go missing' when in police hands.

Either way I really want to find out...

Freedom of Information Unit, Crown Prosecution Service

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Dear Mr Taylor,


Please find enclosed our response to your Freedom of Information Act


Yours sincerely,


Information Management Unit


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Richard Taylor left an annotation ()

The response says the CPS can't find the information requested:

"You asked about a case featured on the BBC’s “Motorway Cops” programme in which no charges were brought against the suspect(s) in the case. After checking both our electronic system and with the local CPS offices that would have dealt with a criminal offence committed in this region, we have regrettably been unable to identify the case in question. Unfortunately, the programme and the information supplied by you do not provide enough details about the case so that we are able to identify the case. You may wish to know that if this case was identified, it is likely that the information that you require would be exempt under the Freedom of Information Act."

Maybe that's why the case was dropped - they couldn't find their record of it?

Philip John left an annotation ()

Ask the programme makers if they remember which day that was. Presumably, they'll have timestamped video...

Thirst left an annotation ()

Something very odd going on here. I would recommend tracking down the producers contact details and asking him for more information. Im sure he would be willing to help as if this was to hit the papers its free publicity for his programme.

ben fisher left an annotation ()

100 men in Afghanistan grow 1000KG of drugs.
1 man in the UK gets sent the 1000KG.
That 1 man gives it to 50 dealers to hand out on the streets.
The Cops catch 2 of them.
The cops say tell us the supplier we give you freedom.
The 2 men give up the dealer in return for release.
The cops get the dealer and stop a massive importer.
All those people can no longer sell drugs till the next supplier/importer comes along.

So in short you got 2 options.

Option one: send 2 men to jail.

Option two: Let them go, catch a supplier and take possibly 10s of thousands of drugs of the streets. And also if lucky find the other suppliers that are mates with the supplier the cops just nicked :-).