Motor Vehicles (International Circulation) Order 1975 as amended

Kaihsu Tai made this Freedom of Information request to Department for Transport

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Madam or Sir,

Would you please provide a copy of the Motor Vehicles (International Circulation) Order 1975 as amended.

I noticed that this Order is not (yet) available on the public UK Statute Law Database. If such an amended copy is not available, would you please provide the principle Order as originally made, along with any subsequent legislation that amends it but is not available on the UK Statute Law Database.

(If at all possible, would you please use this email address for this present request, rather than any previous address you might have kept on file, as I am using a different email address to track each of my requests.)


Dr Kaihsu Tai

FOI-Advice-Team-DFT, Department for Transport

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Dr Tai,

Thank you for the 2 information requests regarding The Convention on Road
Traffic 1949 and Motor Vehicles (International Circulation) Order 1975.
After a brief search, I have located the legislation which relates to the
information you have requested. Under section 21 of the Act, we are not
required to provide information which is already reasonably accessible but
I am not sure if this is all the information you are looking
for. The legislation is available from The Stationery Office (for a
fee) or you may be able to view these at your local public library. (The
Stationery Office: [1] )

Motor Vehicles (International Circulation) Regulations 1985 refers
directly to the convention you have mentioned above. Motor Vehicles
(International Circulation) Order 1975 is also available. Information on
the implementation and amendment of these is available through HANSARD or
by using any search engine.

I would be grateful if you can confirm whether this answers your requests.
If this does not then please give specific details of what further
information we can provide to assist you. Please feel free to contact me
if any of the above is unclear or to discuss your requests.


James Scott

Information Rights Unit

Department for Transport

0207 944 8474

DfT FOI Team
09/02 Southside
Tel: 0207 944 4499
GTN: 3533 4499

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