Moore Media & Kerry Tomlinson/ Cllr Ann O'Byrne the public needs to be told the real facts

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Liverpool City Council should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Liverpool City Council,

Under the Freedom of Information Act

Liverpool city council please provide the following:

1. Moore Media has said work has started on Liverpool Chinatown project with 'Great George Street Developments' so do GGSD Ltd, now have the planning permission to go ahead from the LCC?

2. Does ‘Moore Media’ also work with the LCC the Mayor’s office, and the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, besides Mr. Tomlinson and GGSD Ltd, Sue Grindrod, and Nick Kavanagh?

3. Does Agent Marketing have any LCC contracts due to Moore Media or Jayne Moore?

Jayne Moore works in the same office as “Kerry Tomlinson” (Primesite) declared bankrupt with over £39 million outstanding and may now be investigated.

Moore Media has only a turnover of less than £59,000 per year, however, may have seven full-time staff working for her company, her rent we are told has been getting paid by “Kerry Tomlinson”.

4. Moore Media now acts for GGSD Ltd so will the LCC now after six years explain what is going on with Liverpool Chinatown site, and has Moore Media told the LCC work has now stated on this £259 million site?

Moore Media will not give out any statements, whatsoever without permission from “Kerry Tomlinson”.

Sue Grindrod has just disappeared and gone underground from GGSD Ltd, we are told over £14.3 million has been collected by GGSD Ltd in the form of Bonds?

5. Yet £6 million is still outstanding to 'Hong Kong investors' from 2015 from the same site and 'Cllr Ann O’Byrne' has still not come forward with' Moore Media' to explain this matter would the LCC explain this as to Cllr O’Byrne’s silence and has she in any way passed over her files on Chinatown to the Police/ SFO/ NCA?

Note for your records both 'Cllr. Mumby' and 'Cllr Small' was made aware of this both blanked it.

Cllr Mumby took an active part in 2014/15 in the [Liverpool Chinatown] project knowing that PHD1 & NPG Ltd was behind this FAILED SITE, as did Cllr Millar, Cllr O’Byrne, and Kavanagh, along with Mark Kitts and others.

'Property companies linked to Kerry Tomlinson now being 'investigated’.
Strand Plaza Ltd and Certa Invest Ltd were both part of the Primesite group of companies.

By: Tom Duffy Liverpool Echo Reporter - Sunday 21st March 2021

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Roberts

Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

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Dear Mr Roberts


Please see attached our response to your information request.




Liverpool City Council

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Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

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Please see attached our response to your information request.


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