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FOI: 42344410 Monitoring Fee - Strategy
S106 agreements for many developments include a monitoring fee to ensure conditions 
placed on the development are upheld. 
What strategy does Tower Hamlets employ with regard to the monitoring fee charged? 
Does the council have a document identifying a strategy for the monitoring fee, if so 
please provide a copy of that strategy? 
How does the council address planning conditions where a monitoring fee isn't charged? 
The council charges a monitoring fee on most Section 106 agreements which covers 
monitoring all aspects of the agreements including maintaining a planning obligations 
database, logging agreements, checking trigger points, reviewing information that has 
been submitted, consulting service areas, index linking financial contributions and 
recording compliance with clauses.  You should note that the monitoring fee does not 
cover the monitoring of conditions on the planning permission.
Monitoring fees are set out in the council’s adopted Planning Obligations Supplementary 
Planning Document (see link below). In short, there is a charge of up to £1000 per non-
financial obligation and between 1-3% of any financial obligations. We also review 
monitoring fees to ensure that they remain proportionate and reasonable and reflect the 
actual cost of monitoring. 
Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document (
The council has charged monitoring fees in relation to Section 106 agreements for some 
time now and those agreements that do not attract a monitoring fee are considered to not 
require on-going monitoring. Where issues of non-compliance arise, the Council seeks to 
recover these costs, where possible, through the enforcement process.