Dear Sir, Madam or Another,

Firstly, I hope you have had a wonderful Easter break, this month.

I am writing to make a Freedom of Information Act 2000 request for the following:

The numbers of current airmen/women/person in recruits, regular and TA/reserve parts of the RAF, that have declared a disability. I use the Equality Act 2010 definition of disability.

Would you be kind enough to divide the results into groups and sub-groups, if possible. I have given examples below to guide you:

1. Physical impairment:

- Left Leg Amputee

- Lower Back Pain

- Asthma

2. Cognitive/Psychological impairment:

- Mental Health Condition

- Autistic

- Learning Disability

3. Sensory Impairment:

- Visually Impaired

- Hearing Impaired

4. Other Impairment, please state.

5. The number of people that have two or more difficulties in the same disability group (e.g. 7 airman have PTSD and OCD mental health conditions thus come under group two).

6. The number of people that fit into two or more different disability groups (e.g. a single airwoman has Tinnitus (hearing impairment) and Asthma (physical impairment)).

7. The number of people that due to their disability/ies have been reprimanded, disciplined and/or discharged by the RAF (e.g. 5 RAF servicemen medically discharged 2016-17 for PTSD).

If the MoD charges for any information, please state this before any details are released. Otherwise I hope to receive you full reply within twenty working days.

With Compliments,



1 Attachment

Dear Requester,


Please see the attached for the Ministry of Defence’s response to your
Freedom of Information request.




Yours Sincerely,


MOD Information Rights team

A left an annotation ()

Probably will need to re-do this one at a later point in time, urgh so annoying to refuse it just due to a lack of last name in the request.

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