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From: S Moore

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

I am wondering why it is not possible to claim Mobility for
somebody who has become disabled over the age of 65.

In short, for a number of years my wife has struggled on her feet
and has not been able to walk great distances, however up to a few
years ago she managed with a little trouble to walk but admittedly
she had to stop when we were walking.

It was for this reason that we managed to get a Blue Badge for her
with very little problem but about 5 years ago we had to purchase a
scooter and have since got a wheelchair for her. Does struggle at
times with the scooter hence whe have the wheelchair as backup.
Nowadays she is unable to walk more than a few feet when she is out
and about.

Therefore we claimed Attendance Allowance for her as I have to
assist in all areas for her, the personal care etc.

The problem is when we claimed Attendance Allowance she was already
70 years old but she does like to go out, she is now 73. This in
effect means that to get out we could catch buses or get a taxi
which would mean folding wheelchair up and setting it back up at
the other end.

We don't go down that road, to enable me to get her out and about I
have a car which has to be cheap because I am on benefits and have
to pay this back along with the Road Fund Licence, Insurance,
Breakdown Cover and any repairs to the vehicle.

Why is it, that somebody who has become disabled under the age of
65 and is on DLA has the ability to continue getting the Mobilty
component over the age of 65. On this, they have no worries about
insurance, maintenance of their vehicle, road fund licence or
anything else in relation to the vehicle.

Somebody who has become disabled over the age of 65 does not have
the opportunity to get these benefits which would help people get
out when they want to go somewhere, I know it may only be down to
the shops but maybe an hospital appointment or picking up their
prescriptions. Its as if when somebody reaches the age of 65 that
they are expected to be stuck indoors all the time.

For example, you have 2 people, one loses their leg at 64 and is
able to claim DLA & Mobility without any problem because they lose
their ability to get about. A second person carries on another 3
years and ends up losing their leg, they get Attendance Allowance
but do not get any Mobility in with this. How is this fair as they
are both still the same age and one gets more benefits than the
other. The only difference is that one lost one of their legs 3
years later.

Yours faithfully,

Mr S Moore

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Thank you

Central FOI Team

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David Worsfold left an annotation ()

I totally agree that the system is unfair and discriminates against the over 65's who have mobility problems. At 77 years I cannot claim free car tax or any mobility payments. I am disabled enough for blue badge but no other help is available.

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Chris Butler left an annotation ()

I followed this link on my quest to help my 67 years old brother-in-law who has Parkinson's and becoming increasingly disabled and has been awarded attendance allowance . As you say discrimination exists here withinGovernment policyIwrongly assumed that both he and my sister aged 65 could now benefit from enrolling into the motability scheme to maintain their independence for the next stage of events.Obviously in government eyes the over65s are not worth supporting in their quest to remain independent.Thank youMr S Moore for making this clear and who do we protest to ?
Mrs CMButler

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Clementina left an annotation ()

I too am disappointed that the mobility component is not offered to those over 65.
My mother suffers with austioporosis for several years now. As her condition has worsened she is only able to walk a couple of meters at the most.
I am sole career for my mother and although I drive, I do not own a car. I am unable to get her out which has limitations on her quality of life.
Do the government expect anybody over the age of 65 to remain house bound?
It is anoying when so many individuals abuse the scheme and those that truly need the help are disregarded.
Extremely frustrating!!!!!

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