Mobile and Telephony contracts

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Dear Covent Garden Market Authority,
I hope you are well.
Under the Freedom of Information Act, could you please kindly answer the questions below.

Telephony System
1. What is your current telephony system?
2. How many users of the telephony system?
3. When is the contract up for renewal?
4. If it isn't a VoIP system, will that be a consideration for the next contract cycle?
5. The name (separately) and email address of the primary contact for this contract?
6. Current annual spend?

Mobile phone contracts
1. Who is your current mobile phone provider?
2. How many mobile connections?
3. When is the contract up for renewal?
4. How long do you contract for (24 or 36 months)?
5. The name (separately) and email address of the primary contact for this contract?
6. Current annual spend?

Crown Commercial Services frameworks
Do you procure through the Networks Services 2 framework? (RM3808 previously RM1045) Do you procure through the G-Cloud framework?

Yours faithfully,

Terry Shepherd

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Thank you for contacting Covent Garden Market Authority. Please read
through the information below, which may answer your query.

The Flower Market
Our Flower Market has re-opened to the public. Following government
advice, masks must be worn when visiting the Flower Market. Please follow
social distancing guidelines and use the one-way system. You can find out
more in the link below. If you are a wholesale buyer please contact your
supplier directly before visiting the
market. [1]

I have ordered a Fruit and Vegetable box but am awaiting delivery
If you have ordered a box and are awaiting delivery, please contact the
supplier you ordered from directly.​​ A list of contacts is below:

Fruit and Vegetables boxes
Wholesale trading of fruit and vegetables is continuing as
normal. Following government advice, masks must be worn when visiting the
Buyers' Walk within the market. Please follow social distancing
guidelines. For a list of wholesale suppliers click the link below:

If you are a wholesale customer and visiting New Covent Garden Market, our
business hours are Monday to Saturday, midnight - 6am. If you are ordering
for delivery, business hours are Monday to Friday, 7am - 3pm. We kindly
ask that when visiting the market you respect the Government’s social
distancing guidelines and remain at least two meters from other people on
the market.
Order a box
You can order a fruit and vegetable box for home delivery from one of the
business at New Covent Garden Market by clicking this
link: [4]
This will take you to a list of the businesses here who are offering home
delivery. Please call them directly or check their websites.

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