Missing Case Files Transferred To Counter Avoidance

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Dear HM Revenue and Customs,

I understand that several thousand case files went missing, when they were transferred to the newly established counter avoidance department in Wrexham in 2014. Estimates vary from between 5,000 10,000 or higher.

Please can you clarify the following:

1 How many case files were lost?

2 Did the lost case files relate to Employee Benefit Trust schemes used by high net worth individuals?

3 How did you keep track of cases prior to the loss?

4 Following the loss, were any changes made to your internal control systems to ensure cases could not be lost again and what were these changes if any?

5 Do you know where the lost cases went, eg were they sent outside of HMRC, if so to whom?

6 Have any of the lost cases been recovered?

7 Was this loss reported to the Information Commissioner, NAO etc?

8 Were the taxpayers, whose records were lost, notified of the loss and possible security issues related to detailed personal information being made available to third parties?

9 Were the directors/managers responsible for his admonished/reprimanded in any way?

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Ken Frost

foi.team@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk on behalf of FOI Central Team, HM Revenue and Customs

Our ref: FOI2019/00599

Dear Mr Frost,

Freedom of Information Act 2000 Acknowledgement

Thank you for your communication of 5th March which has been passed to
HMRC's Freedom of Information Team.

We have allocated the above reference which you should quote if you need
to contact us.

The Team will arrange for a reply to be sent to you which will either
comply with HMRC's obligations under Freedom of Information Act or, if we
think it's an enquiry that we don't need to address under the terms of the
Act, let you know why. If it is the latter we will, if possible, pass it
on to a more appropriate part of the Department for answer.

Yours sincerely

HMRC Freedom of Information Act Team

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