Milton Road Remodelling - Plans and Assessments - Autumn 2018

Currently waiting for a response from Greater Cambridge Partnership, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Greater Cambridge Partnership,

I am writing to request the release of full details of the plans for the remodelling of Milton Road in Cambridge which are currently subject to a consultation scheduled to close on Monday 29 October 2018 and information relating to the analysis and assessment of the plans.

I expect the response to include:

* Any detailed plans of what is proposed; for example 1:500 scale plans similar to those which were made available during earlier stages of the consultation process showing details of the proposed remodelled road, including bus stops and other features.

* Any safety assessments applying to the whole proposed scheme or elements of it; including information comparing the expected risks associated with the proposed scheme with the existing arrangements.

* Any assessments of the expected impact of the proposed scheme on the flow of people along the road; including any information on expected transit times for buses, cars, bikes and pedestrians; and information on expected queue lengths, under various conditions / times of day.

* Details of any proposed planting scheme, covering trees, shrubs, and grass; any related proposed management plans; and any designs/specifications for planters, tree pits and other related infrastructure.

* Details of how the current construction cost estimate was arrived at, and how it is broken down.

* Information on materials to be used in all aspects of the remodelling including surfacing and curbs.

* Details of proposed street furniture.

* Lighting design plans, both for street-lighting and any other proposed lighting.

* Drainage plans.

* Details of proposed traffic signal arrangement and operation.

* Plans for utilities, including any upgrading to be carried out as part of the remodelling and provisions of conduits or other infrastructure to minimise the digging up of the remodelled road.

I am not requesting the consultation brochure and related visualisations.

If any of the material I am expecting is not released I would appreciate an explanation as to why it is not being provided.

Particularly given the information requested is subject to a live consultation I would appreciate a prompt response.


Richard Taylor

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