Microchips in recycling bins

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I note that the council website now contains a section on microchips in bins:


This section includes the sentence "If the chip is removed or damaged, it is possible that your bin won’t be lifted."

Could you please supply me with minutes of meetings where this policy was decided upon, and where possible point me to legislation/by-laws that would enable to council to refuse collection for removal of a microchip.

Yours faithfully,

Martin Doherty, Belfast City Council

Dear E Hillen

Thank you for your email dated 1 September 2008 requesting information
relating to Belfast City Council's use of microchips on recycling bins.

I can confirm that the Council does hold the information you have
requested and has decided that it can be disclosed. Accordingly, I have
attached a link to the minutes of the committee meeting at which it was
agreed to employ the use of electronic chips to track the success to the
blue bin collection scheme. These minutes were approved at a meeting of
the full Council held on 6 January 2003


The report I refer to starts at the bottom of page 68.

You will note that there is no reference to legislation, byelaws or policy
regarding the collection of bins without chips. The reason for the
statement you refer to, is that the technology on the back of the
recycling lorry will prevent a blue bin been lifted useless it recognises
the chip on the bin. This helps us reduce the possibility of
contamination. As we wish to increase the amount of waste recycled in
Belfast we make every effort to ensure that all bins are collected.
However, it should be noted that the blue bin remains the property of the
Council unlike the black/grey landfill bin which belongs to the
householder, therefore, the council would request that the bin remains in
the condition it was supplied. If your bin is damaged we will happily
replace it.

If you are dissatisfied with how the Council handled your request for
information, you have the right to request that the Council formally
review this decision. If you wish to do so, please write to the Records
Manager, Belfast City Council, Adelaide Exchange, 24-26 Adelaide Street,
Belfast, BT2 8GD.

Should you remain dissatisfied following the Council's internal review,
you can seek an independent review from the Information Commissioner.
Requests for an independent review should be made in writing to: The
Information Commissioner, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire,
SK9 5AF. However I would advise you that the Information Commissioner has
indicated that a review will not be undertaken unless the Council has
first had an opportunity to re-consider its decision.

I hope this addresses your concern regarding the use of the electronic
chip, however, should you wish to discuss this matter further please do
not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Martin Doherty

Waste Education and Business Development Manager.

Martin Doherty

Waste Education and Business Development Manager

Belfast City Council

Waste Management Service

Cecil Ward Building

4-10 Linenhall Street



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Tel: 02890320202 Ext. 3270


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Dear Martin Doherty,

The link you have sent appears to be to an address within an intranet. Could you please supply a link which is accessible from the internet.

Yours sincerely,

E Hillan

Martin Doherty, Belfast City Council

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Dear E Hillen

I apologise for that. I have attached a PDF of the committee minutes and
you can get access to the minutes our website.

If type minutes into the search on the front page you will have the
opportunity to search through all council meetings from 1993. The
committee report is from the 9 December 2003 or council of 6 January
2003. If you put the term electronic chip into the search option and
select Health and Environmental Services Committee you will be brought
to the correct document also.

I hope this helps but please contact me if you require further

Yours sincerely


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