Michael Meech automated announcements.

The request was successful.

Dear Transport for London,

Hello sir/madam.

Under the Freedom Of Information Act i would like to request you to please send me the automated announcements files of all Michael Meech automated announcements (which have now all been removed in 2016). You can send them to me in mp3 files or whatever type of sound file is most suitable for you.

I have seen that you have given out the Jubilee / Northern / Piccadilly lines announcements for the 1973 / 1995 / 1996 stock to other people so i am hoping that you can attach these announcements.

Michael Meech was only used on the LU Jubilee Line 1996 stock and was used from when it was introduced in 1996 right up until 2016 when you decided to get rid of his announcements and replace them with additional Celia Drummond ones.

He only voiced the special automated announcements which were manually selected by the driver. I believe there was ten of them in total (there could be others but these are the only ones i am aware of):

00 Please keep your personal belongings with you at all times.
01 The next station is closed. This train will not stop at the next station.
02 There is no lift service at the next station and you may wish to alight here or beyond and continue your journey at street level.
03 There is a restricted escalator service at the next station and you may wish to alight here or beyond and continue your journey at street level.
04 No smoking.
05 Train fault/all change.
06 All change please this train terminates here.
07 Change here for Canning Town/West Ham/Stratford.
08 Thanks for using the Jubilee Line.
09 Change here for stations beyond London Bridge.

I might not have gotten the exact wording 100% correct here.

These announcements were from the Ditra (Ketech) system (not the Global Services Limited ones used on other lines) so you should be able to give these out just like you recently have to others

So i am only requesting all of the (now removed) automated announcements on the Jubilee Line 1996 stock voiced by Michael Meech.

As there is only ten of these i believe i am hoping you could please just attach them to this email rather than having to send out a CD of them.

Many thanks for any help and i look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Dennis Carter

FOI, Transport for London

Dear Mr Carter


TfL Ref: FOI-3212-1819


Thank you for your email received by Transport for London (TfL) on 22
February 2019.


Your request will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the
Freedom of Information Act and TfL’s information access policy. 


A response will be sent to you by 25 March 2019.


We publish a substantial range of information on our website on subjects
including operational performance, contracts, expenditure, journey data,
governance and our financial performance. This includes data which is
frequently asked for in FOI requests or other public queries. Please check
[1]http://www.tfl.gov.uk/corporate/transpar... to see if this helps you.


We will publish anonymised versions of requests and responses on the
[2]www.tfl.gov.uk website. We will not publish your name and we will send
a copy of the response to you before it is published on our website.


In the meantime, if you would like to discuss this matter further, please
do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely


Eva Hextall

FOI Case Officer


FOI Case Management Team

General Counsel

Transport for London




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FOI, Transport for London

Dear Mr Carter


Further to my email below, can you please provide your postal address so
that we can arrange for the announcements to be posted to you on a CD.


You can email it to us directly at [1][email address]. Our email address
can also be found on our website here


Yours sincerely


Eva Hextall

FOI Case Officer


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