Michael Lockwood Head of the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) - Martin McGartland request

Martin McGartland made this Freedom of Information request to Independent Office for Police Conduct

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The request was refused by Independent Office for Police Conduct.

Martin McGartland

16 November 2017

Dear Independent Police Complaints Commission,

Michael Lockwood will become head of the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) when it takes over from the IPCC in January.

I would like to know.

1. What will happen regards outstanding independent investigations that have not already been concluded. Will those cases be dealt with and or taken over by Michael Lockwood and IOPC?

2. I understand that the IOPC will have no commissioners, and Mr Lockwood will ultimately be accountable for individual casework decisions. When, what date, will all present IPCC Commissioners cease being responsible for IPCC cases and decisions?

3. Will any of the present Commissioners (Cindy Butts, Derrick Campbell, Mary Cunneen, Carl Gumsley and Jennifer Izekor) be re-employed by IOPC and or take up any new roles? If they will, please supply full details.

4. Will any of the present Commissioners be paid any type of payments, for whatever reasons, over and above their normal salaries as a result of the change, i.e. from IPCC to IOPC? If they will, please supply full details, all amouts, reasons for all, any payments?

5. I understand there will also be a government-appointed board which will provide independent support, oversight and challenge to Mr Lockwood. What are the contact details of that board and also the names of all members?

6. What powers, if any, will Michael Lockwood have, when in office, to investigate past alleged corruption, serious failures and or abuses of power by IPCC staff and Commissioners where complaints are made by members of public?

7. How many complaints during past 3 years, both recorded and non-recorded, have been made against Commissioner;

a: Cindy Butts?

b: Derrick Campbell?

c: Mary Cunneen?

d: Carl Gumsley?

e: Jennifer Izekor?

I would expect the IPCC to be both open and transparent when dealing with, answering this request.

Yours faithfully,

Martin McGartland

!FOI Requests,

This is an automated email please do not respond to it.

Thank you for your email.

If you have made a request for information to the IPCC, your email and any attachments will be assessed logged and forwarded onto the appropriate department to acknowledge and respond to.

FOI Team

Martin McGartland left an annotation ()

Police watchdog (IPCC) ‘racist and corrupt’

The Met’s Olympics poster girl is suing the complaints commission, claiming it frustrates inquiries to protect accused officers

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), which investigates misconduct and racism, is riddled with corruption and discriminatory practices, according to a whistleblower.

Carol Howard, a former investigator at the police watchdog who was the Metropolitan police poster girl for the London 2012 Olympics, claims senior executives “believe their duty is not to investigate officers but to protect the reputation of the police force concerned and its senior officers in particular”.

She also says that some investigators at the watchdog secretly support the racist police officers whom they are investigating. As a result they try to “frustrate, delay, restrict and close down investigations” to protect the targets of their inquiries.

Howard, 37 who is suing the IPCC for racial discrimination and victimisation .... (The Times - LONDON, 18 November 2017) Read in Full, here: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/polic...

!FOI Requests,

Dear Mr McGartland,

This is to confirm receipt of your request (our ref 1006795), which we will consider under the Freedom of Information Act.

Yours sincerely,


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!FOI Requests,

1 Attachment

Dear Mr McGartland,

Thank you for your email of 16 November 2017.

Attached to this email is the IPCC's response to your request.

Please quote our reference 1006795 in any further correspondence.

Yours sincerely,


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Martin McGartland left an annotation ()

This is what happens, even more corruption, when you ask the IPCC for information and to answer questions. They Lie, cover up and conceal information so that they can protect corrupt police officers. The IPCC, as my cases show, are cover up merchants for the police. I have found the IPCC and the police to be as thick as thieves.

Martin McGartland left an annotation ()

25 Years of Serious CORRUPTION by Northumbria Police - from the very Top down - in the Martin McGartland cases ....
Read more:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dufferpad/v...

Scribd: https://www.scribd.com/search?content_ty...

Google: https://www.google.co.uk/search?source=h...


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