Mental Health Hospitals Out Of Control

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Department of Health and Social Care should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Department of Health,

Please answer each and individual question, taking the Public Interest Act 1998 into consideration and the Fraudulent Abuses of Public Funds.

1) Under WHAT Laws, is a CPN allowed to randomly phone members of the public, whom have No-Mental-Health issues whatsoever. Where, the CPN immediately places the person as a Patient, of the <<Caludon Centre>>, Mental Hospital in Coventry, when;

A)The person has been randomly phoned on their pay and go mobile phone, AND, NO pre-arranged phone consultation, has taken place ? AND,

B)The CPN has NO idea whom they have spoken to AND the person receiving the call is made to believe that it is a Threatening Phone call and does not confirm who they are, does not answer any questions and has no way of identifying whom is phoning them ? AND

C) The person has NOT seen any Doctor for years and NO-ONE who knows or whom has ever met the Person has made a referral, ? AND

D) The Person whom has been phoned by the CPN, has NOT given permission for the CPN to phone them and has never made any agreement with anyone, regarding any Mental Health assessment or intervention and they are in exceptionally good health, ? AND

E) The CPN passes information onto the person, about others, breaching the <Data Protection Act>, ?

F) The CPN has also breached the <Telecommunications Act> on NHS apparatus, ? AND

G) The CPN has also breached the <HRA>, the persons <Religious Beliefs> and gets <Financial Rewards> for his Offending ?

2) On the Back of ALL of the ABOVE, the person whom was randomly phoned by the CPN, is then unknowingly classified as a Mental Health Patient, of the <<Caludon Centre Hospital>>, where for 3-Months bogus records are made about the person, whom NO-ONE has ever met. WHAT UK LAWS allow this ?

3) What UK LAWS allow the <<Coventry City Council>> to obtain a Warrant under section 135 (1) of the Mental Health Act 1983 TO SEARCH FOR AND REMOVE PATIENT, sworn under oath by an AMHP under ALL of the circumstances above, to section a Totally Un-Known person, to a Mental Hospital. AND place the person on the <<Coventry City Council Finance Office>> records, as having a Carer, in order to Fraudulently Obtain Monies from the Persons Estate, including false records of a Stay in Hospital and Home Visits by a said Carer. When their lies are proven, by the person, and a Human Rights Organisation requests them to back up their lies. They back down and eventually ADMIT the FRAUD, LIES AND DECEPTIONS. What is your Department going to do about this ?. Including claiming Public Monies for '<GHOST PATIENTS> ?.

Yours faithfully,

Yvonne Pears.

Department of Health and Social Care

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Yvonne Pears. left an annotation ()

ERRR, I am not understanding WHY you have given information that NO-ONE has requested. What's all that about...............

Peter Bowyer left an annotation ()

It's a standard acknowledgement which is sent as an initial reply to confirm your request has been received. It contains answers to some commonly-asked questions which are of help to many people.

Dear Department of Health,
You are under an obligation to answer this FOI request, I advise that you do so, immediately.

Yours faithfully,

Yvonne Pears.

Name removed 30 November 2012 (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

When I asked for copies of my GP records my GP got one of his administrators to call me on 16/02/12 to try and convince me that the records I had requested were unavailable. They were not (which I knew) and after a further 5 weeks of trying to get them, I eventually did, which is when I discovered that a psychiatric history had been created that I ‘do not have’; with it stated that a letter was received from the *** Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (BHFT) dated 14/04/09 that states I had been seen by a psychiatrist, when I never had been.

I had asked for counselling in 2008, after my former employer's Consultant Occupational Health Physician suggested that it might be helpful so that I could regain some of the self-esteem that my employer's abhorrent behaviour had caused me to lose (which they implemented at a time knowing that after my son had died in tragic circumstances in early 2005 I had developed a disability in depression, when they treated me so badly that I became very unwell for several months in s tress related illness)

In July 2008 I asked my GP for counselling (as had been suggested to me) and I saw a counsellor from October 2008 until April 2009. Among other things that read in my GP held medical records (that my GP clearly wanted to prevent me ever seeing) there is a record of the letter from the BHFT ***referred to above, which just did not happen. This is not the only falsification.

I thereafter asked for my BHFT medical records and was astounded to discover that they too have been falsified. I have now been writing to both my GP and the BHFT and have repeatedly asked for an explanation. However, and at the point of almost exhaustion I contacted the Counsellor who I had been seeing in 2008/2009 and showed her the records that bear her name (that are not signed when they should be) that had been falsified, but she is too afraid to say anything at all being that she is still an employee of the Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. When we spoke last Friday, she asked me not to contact her again personally, and I agreed not to, and I told her I realised she wa sin a difficult position; we said our goodbyes and there was no animosity either way. I agreed I would not ask her again (and to be honest, as I told her, I do not think she is the one who authored the falsified records).

Also last Friday my GP (who tried to prevent me seeing my GP Held records that have been falsified) and a Psychiatrist from the BHFT (the other offending NHS organisation) turned up at my door together with a female. My GP was frantically ringing my doorbell clearly feigning an emergency situation, and when I answered I told him to b***ger off (and I closed the door) because I thought he had come round to try and worm his way out of the situation, without having to put anything in writing as he had still not replied to my letters.

However, after he drove off the other two people rang on my door again, and we spoke through my kitchen window (with my CCTV on that was also voice recording).

The female was an Approved Mental Health Professional ( we all know what they are for) and because I had been asking awkward questions such as "why have my medical records been falsified by both my GP (who tried to prevent me from seeing them at all) and by the BHFT too".

They had come round to ‘assess my mental health’ because I had been - wait for it (writing letters) and I had been asking for written replies to questions like "why have you falsified my medical records and given me a psychiatric medical history when I do not have one?"

My goodness is what I retain evidence of since two corrupt Reading Employment Tribunal Judges participated in the formation and use of a totally fabricated claim in my employment tribunal proceedings, one of whom fully sanctioned a dishonest Court Document that my now former employer had faxed (with every confidence) to the Reading Employment Tribunal on 16/02/10), which evidences theirs and their self-employed barrister’s intention to pervert the course of justice in the same tribunal proceedings, that the President of the Employment Tribunals for England and Wales has denied that particular Judge had done (in his 04/11/10 complaint response letter to me) this good?

So much so that other organisations are now making a collective effort to claim that I am crazy and need to be sectioned.

Yes, this is good old GREAT Britain, where plebs like you and me must tow the line and keep to the letter of the law, but when certain others (a bit higher up the status tree who have influential mates, who may or mat not bee Freemasons) commit crimes or assist others to do so, a collective effort is then made to portray the victim of those crimes and abhorrent behaviour, as being quite mad (to get themselves off the hook).

Look up 'organised stalking' on the web, or 'Cointelrpo' - and yes it does happen in good old Blighty today - believe me I know.

It is far better for them who ''think they can, try to have an innocent person sectioned, because those that not only ‘ have known better’ - but ‘did know better’ yet ‘did it all the same’, would rather this than risk losing their very high PUBLICY FUNDED SALARIES (paid by us mugs) and carry on ‘pretending’ that they are the upright and proper people that that actually the complete opposite to what they actually are.

I really never thought it would got to the point where I have had my medical records falsified by both my GP and the BHFT (just another organisation, who also employed the two corrupt Reading Employment Tribunal Judges and the highly paid (BY US) President) to create this totally untrue situation, to save their own slimy skins?

They say absolute power corrupts absolutely, it does (or it tries to) believe me I know (as the documentary evidence that has been retained – proves beyond any doubt what so ever).
So if I end up in a mental establishment, having been dragged off there for some reason that does not exist (playing music too loud on a Sunday, or telling others how abhorrently I have been treated) by the men in white coats (all because I am unable to accept the total injustice of my situation) - you will now all know why?