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Helen Jones made this Freedom of Information request to Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Dear Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,

1) Please can you confirm what your total spend on temporary Mental Health staff was during the financial year 2014-15 for the below specialisms?
Can you please break this financial information down by:
• Mental Health Nurse
• Learning Disabilities Nurse
• Psychologists
• Psychological wellbeing practitioner
• Psychotherapist
• Counsellor
• High Intensity Therapist

2) Please can you confirm the names of the organisation/s you procure temporary Mental Health staff from?
Please also confirm the end date of any over-arching contractual arrangements that are in place with any of these organisations.

To provide additional clarity on my request, ‘temporary Mental Health staff’ is to mean all persons who are mental health staff and are not on permanent contracts of employment with the Trust, but are supplied via employment agencies.

Yours faithfully,

Helen Jones

FOI, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Dear Helen,


Please find attached our response to your FOI request.


Kind regards,





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