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Dear Information Commissioner’s Office,

Please publish the Memorandum of Understanding between the ICO and the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.

Yours faithfully,

Trevor McKee

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Information Commissioner's Office

25th April 2018


Case Reference Number IRQ0735653


Dear Mr McKee

Thank you for your correspondence of 28 Mach 2018. We handled your request
in line with your rights under section 1 of the Freedom of Information Act
(FOIA) and our response is below.
Your request
“Please publish the Memorandum of Understanding between the ICO and the
Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.‚ÄĚ
Our response
There is currently no Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the ICO
and the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (CCNI). We have however
received a draft MoU from CCNI that we are yet to review and agree.
Once signed and agreed the MoU will be published [1]here
I hope you find our response of assistance
Yours sincerely
Iman Elmehdawy
Information Access Service Manager
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