Members' Allowances 2007-2008

The request was successful.

Please could you let me have details of allowances (including child care allowance) paid to Cambridge City Councillors for the period May 2007 to April 2008.

I would like to suggest you place the document on the City Council website and link to it from the page at "Home > Council and democracy > Councillors" from where the allowances for 2006-7 are currently linked.

I have made this request in public via the Whatdotheyknow website only after having no response to my request made of the 15th of September 2008 which was allocated ticket number E8EACCD48F207 by the council's customer service centre.


Richard Taylor


Richard Taylor left an annotation ()

Information on the background to this request is available on my website along with suggestions for improving the members' allowances system.

Gary Clift, Cambridge City Council

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Dear Mr Taylor

2007/08 scheme attached.
We will arrange to get this information, and the 2008/09 Scheme on the relevant part of the website.
The FOI officer is looking into why you did not get the information having asked the Customer Service Centre.


Gary Clift
Democratic Services Manager
01223 457011

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