Dear Ministry of Defence,

In the article here Gavin Williamson is quoted as saying “That he met foreign spies is a betrayal of this country. He cannot be trusted.”

I assume that Mr Williamson is only able to say this because everyone that he has EVER met has been thoroughly vetted to ensure that they are not a spy and that there is a written record somewhere to show that the people that he has met have been checked.

I would like to know what the wording is of that document please, even if it's only the words 'Not a spy' next to the list of attendees at every meeting.

If you cannot find such a document, could I suggest that it is implemented.

Yours faithfully,

A Addison

Adams, Belinda C1 (TOG-Boards Sec-ASec4), Ministry of Defence

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Good afternoon


Please find attached the response to your FOI request dated 8 March 2018.


Kind regards


Top Office Group Business Manager





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