Meetings with "non believers"

John Simpson made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Energy and Climate Change

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was successful.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Under the freedom of information act, please can you provide me a list of meetings held between this departments Secretary of State / Ministers and experts / groups / organisations which disagree with the governments view on "global climate change" or "man made global warming" since this department was established.

Please provide me with details of every group / organisation that has requested a meeting with the Secretary of State / Ministers but have been refused or ignored

If possible please let me know that this Freedom of Information request has been received and is being dealt with.

Thank you very much,

Yours faithfully,

John Simpson

Munro, Paul (DECC - CESA), Department of Energy and Climate Change

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Dear Paul Munro,

Thank you very much for your reply to my Freedom of Information request and im sorry i was not more clear before. The information i seek is limited to groups and organisations which hold one or all of the following views..

1) - That do not think climate change / global warming is happening

2) - That do not think climate change / global warming is as serious as the government / media suggests

3) - That do not think man is responsible for the change at all

4) - That thinks man is partly responsible but not the main cause there for any change in policy is pointless

5) - That thinks climate change / global warming is a good thing and should not be seen as a threat

6) - That thinks any attempt to limit or reduce global warming / climate change is pointless because the world is doomed

7) - That thinks the governments current policy will damage the economy too much or that any action on this matter is too costly

8) - That thinks the government should focus on responding to climate change rather than preventing it.(For example investing more in sea walls so a rise in sea levels isn't a threat to the United Kingdom instead of trying to save the world)

Ive tried to cover all the info im looking for, basically those groups / organisations which are non believers or that think its too costly to do anything to prevent it from happening. If that is not limited enough then please let me know and ill try to clarify my request again thanks.

Yours sincerely,

John Simpson

Munro, Paul (DECC - CESA), Department of Energy and Climate Change

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Dear Mr Simpson

Please find attached a reply to your recent FOI request on meetings
between the Department of Energy & Climate Change and climate change `non

Yours sincerely

Paul Munro


Dear Paul Munro,

Thank you very much for your response to my Freedom of Information Request on "non believers", you answered my question as far as possible.

I must confess i find it deeply concerning that this department seems to get only one side of the story and whilst i understand the majority of people accept climate change is happening, there are plenty of organisations out there that question mans impact on such things and its rather alarming that this government department seems to have had no contact with them. Especially as we are going to spend billions of pounds over the next few years trying to address this problem.

Anyway thanks again for your help and time.

Yours sincerely,

John Simpson

Trevor Allport left an annotation ()

There is a large organisation based in America I believe.
The International Climate Science Coalition have 30,000 scientists endorsing the opposite viewpoint to which the governments are pushing. Many of these scientists are qualified in climate sciences fields or closely related disciplines.


It has become apparent to me that there is a definite agenda behind this desire to implicate Man in Global Warming (now known as Climate Change after the Climate Research Institute were caught manipulating the figures in order to actually show any warming).

Ten years ago, these same government sponsored scientists were saying that the next generation of children would never see snow. Now that we have a cyclic return to traditional snowy winters, these very scientists are now saying that the cooling is a result of the warming. Crazy isn't it?

Maybe they think that they've inundated our brains with that much X-Factor and Jeremy Kyle that our intellectuality has been compromised.