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Brian donaldson made this Freedom of Information request to Executive Office (Northern Ireland)

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Executive Office (Northern Ireland) did not have the information requested.

Dear Executive Office (Northern Ireland),

Can I have a list of organisations that the executive office have meet in the last month

Yours faithfully,

Brian donaldson

TEO FOI, Executive Office (Northern Ireland)

Mr Donaldson


You are seeking information from The Executive Office (TEO) on
organisations it has met within the last month.


I am responding to you under "normal course of business" to expedite a


Please be advised the Department does not hold a central list of
organisations it has met. This information may or may not be held on
record but, to establish this, it would require significant engagement
with all the Department's business areas and would exceed the cost limits
under section 12 of the FOI Act.  Also, compiling a central list would
involve the creation of new information and, under FOI legislation, a
public authority is not obliged to create new information in order to
respond to a request.


Therefore, you may wish to consider narrowing your request, perhaps by
seeking the requested information from a specific or a few business areas
within TEO.  I have provided a link to the current TEO organisation chart
below which you may find useful.




I hope you have found this response helpful.




Nicola Finlay

The Executive Office|Information Management and Central Advisory Branch


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