Meeting with the BBFC regarding the Digital Economy Act.

Currently waiting for a response from Department for Culture, Media and Sport, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Department for Culture, Media and Sport,

Please pass this request to the relevant staff member at the DCMS who conducts Freedom of Information act requests if not already done so.

The minutes made available by the British Board Of Film Classification indicate that that at their Board of Classification meeting on the 16th November 2017 ( they were joined by two representatives from the DCMS, a Ms Sarah Connelly and a Mr Robert Henderson.

I would like to request any information relating to this meeting held by the DCMS or their staff. This should include but not be limited to any emails relating to this meeting held by Ms Connelly and Mr Henderson and their co-workers between the BBFC, each other, other members of the DCMS related to the meeting, any paperwork or other written material produced or recieved for use in the meeting or as briefing or preparation prior to the meeting, any written notes taken during the meeting including handwritten notes, any documentation given to the DCMS representatives during the meeting by the BBFC and any subsequent correspondence between Mr Henderson and Ms Connelly with the BBFC or other staff members of the DCMS, the government or third parties about the meeting.

There is no realistic reason for this request to approach the FOI cost limit, but in the event that there is any concern that it will please restrict the search to the months of October, November and December 2017.

There is a signifiant public interest in the release of this information - the implementation of the Digital Economy Act has potentially significant impacts for freedom of expression, and for the economic prospects of the UK in damaging digital businesses. There has been substantive public concern about the implementation of Age Verification, including articles in most major newspapers and news outlets on the policy, but there is very little public information close to the implementation deadline. There is also no reason why the requested information is likely to be considered fomulating public policy, as the Digital Economy Act has already entered into law (and had at the time of the production of the information requested).

Many thanks for your swift attention.

Yours faithfully,

A Livingston

FOI Mailbox, Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Thank you for your email which is now being dealt with by the Freedom of
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