Medicine A100 Admissions Statistics

A Al-Jabir made this Freedom of Information request to Keele University

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was successful.

Dear Keele University,

Under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act, I kindly request some raw data from you regarding A100 applications for the latest available admissions cycle and the one preceding that.

The data I would like to have is as follows:

1) How many of the students admitted were studying A levels?
2) The numbers of applications by country of residence at time of application (N.B by this, I count England, Scotland, Wales and NI as separate) and the number of offers categorised in the same manner.
3) The number of offers not subsequently made firm/insurance
4) For each applicant interviewed (anonymised) I would like to know what A-Levels (or equivalent - in case of Scottish applications, I mean Advanced Highers) they have completed and their UKCAT scores. (i.e Candidate 1 - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths. UKCAT - 3080).
Could you also please sort Physics A, Physics B, Advancing Physics all into the category 'Physics' and likewise for other subjects.
5) The above information to be split into successful and
6) If #4 cannot be completed for data protection reasons or is simply not available by candidate, a table to be made with numbers
of each subject and percentages
i.e Chemistry - 150 - 95.00%
History - 5 - 3.00%
etc etc
as well as UKCAT in bands of 10 points average (ie 600-610). The total score divided by 4 will suffice for this.
7)In the event that #4 cannot be carried out, I would also kindly request the most common combinations of A-Level subjects to be released with numbers.
8)If any scoring system is used to grade applicants to be invited to interview, then I would kindly request this to be made available to me.

Under Section 11 of the aforementioned Act, I am able to request the form of the data requested and I would like it to be in Excel .xls or .xlsx) format or at least a machine readable format such as CSV.

I thank you in advance,

Yours faithfully,

A Al-Jabir

Jo Sylvester,

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Dear A Al-Jabir,

In response to your Freedom of Information Act request below, I'm writing
to provide the response on behalf of Keele University.

Please find attached:

*     Spreadsheet containing various figures and tables.  Explanatory
notes are included and should describe the format of the data in
adequate detail for Mr Al-Jabir.
*     Document describing the scoring system used by the Medicine
Admissions office.

I trust this answers all of your queries in full; however, if you are not
content with the response please contact me in the first instance.

Best regards,

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Dear Jo Sylvester,

Thank you very much for this information, it is most enlightening.
However there are a few things I'd wish to be clarified.

In question 2, you provide numbers for England, Scotland, NI and Wales with an additional row for UK. Surely this is covered by the other categories?
If this refers to Crown Dependencies/British Overseas Territories could you please confirm this and subdivide this into each territory if possible.
Similarly, could you do the same to the 'Others' row.

Minor point but in questions 4/5/6, Chemistry, Chemistry B and Nuffield Chemistry were listed separately as well as Further Maths and MEI Further Maths even though I had specifically requested this not to be done. They may be separate qualifications but the point of this request was to identify trends in SUBJECT uptake in Medicine applicants.
It's not a problem as I can do it myself but just thought i'd point that out.
Additionally, whilst it may not be an A-Level, do you have numbers of applicants with the AQA Extended Project Qualification (Ofqual no. 500/2409/7)?

Finally, it appears question 7 wasn't answered at all with no explanation as to why this is so.

Hope you have a restful Christmas holiday and a successful New Year.

Yours sincerely,

A Al-Jabir

Jo Sylvester,

I am out of the office until Tuesday 20th December, your message regarding

Re: Freedom of Information request - Medicine A100 Admissions Statistics

has been received and I'll read it when I return.

If your message is urgent, please contact Maria Nield on 01782 734633 or Jen Paddison on 01782 733655.

Best regards,

Jo Sylvester

Jo Sylvester,

Dear A Al-Jabir,

In response to your most recent email, please see below the clarification
you had requested.

Question 2:
The data that has been provided to you is exactly as it is stored on the
University's student record database.
As you have seen, a few students are recorded as "UK" with no specific
detail as to whether that is England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.
I can confirm this means they live in the UK (one of the four nations
listed), not in any other overseas UK category. 

Question 7:
You asked that question 7 be responded to if question 4 was not.  As we
provided information for questions 2, 3 and 4 together, it was assumed
that question 7 did not require any supplementary data.

AQA Extended Project qualification:
I can confirm we had no applications for A100 in either 2010/1 or 2011/2
with this qualification.

All the best and season's greetings,

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