Medicine A100 admissions statistics

Brandon Tillson made this Freedom of Information request to Peterhouse, Cambridge as part of a batch sent to 31 authorities

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The request was successful.

Brandon Tillson

Dear FOI,

I am requesting data from 2017, 2018 and 2019 entry, relating to medicine A100. These data are threefold: number of applications; number of interviews undertaken; number of offers given.

Yours faithfully,

Brandon Tillson

Liz Wake, Peterhouse, Cambridge

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Dear Brandon


In reply to your FOI request received on 9 April, please find below the
data requested, kindly prepared by our Admissions Office:-



  2017 entry 2018 entry 2019 entry
Applications 29 (17 direct to 35 (all direct to 32 (28 direct to
Peterhouse, 12 open Peterhouse) Peterhouse, 4 open
applications) applications)
Interviews 18 (15 interviewed at 29 (25 interviewed 26 (24 interviewed
Peterhouse, 3 at Peterhouse, 4 at Peterhouse, 2
interviewed overseas) interviewed interviewed
overseas) overseas)
Offers 7 8 (including 1 8 (including 1
deferred from deferred from 2018)


I trust this is satisfactory.


Yours sincerely




Liz Wake

College Secretary


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Trumpington Street




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