Medication supplies and cost, including prescriptions following Brexit

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Dear Department of Health and Social Care,

Under the Freedom of Information Act can publish any assessment and reports or recommendations made regarding issues with the supply of medication or other supplies to the NHS following BREXIT?

What issues has the department identified with the supply of medication from Europe in the short, medium and longer term following Brexit?

Are there any particular suppliers, medicines or countries that have been identified that there may be problems getting medication from?

Has the department planned additional funding which it can make available in this eventuality to help fix any short term supply problems?

Has there been any assessment of likelihood of import and export taxation changes and the effect this may have overall and on prescriptions?

Are any groups of patients (conditions, geographic areas and equalities characteristics) more at risk from problems with their medication supplies than others and has any planning taken place?

How has the department involved patients in identifying risks from BREXIT and developing responses?

With medication like Creons for which there are already supply problems from Poland which has been raised previoiusly with the Department and NICE affecting a number of conditions including pancreatic insufficiency/pancreatis and cystic fibrosis, will supplies be maintained and the higher strength available again in local pharmacies or will certain difficult to obtain medication be available for home delivery?

How will BREXIT affect the NHS finances in terms of the effect on the patients, GP's, CCG's, pharmacies, opticians, and NHS trusts both in terms of payments made and received?

Has the department looked at the issue of prescription costs and able to give a projection of the costs per prescription over a ten year basis following Brexit?

Has the department looked at offsetting additional costs by reducing prescription paperwork, systems and costs by linking in pre - payment cards and exemptions to mean these go paper free?

To save duplication has there been any thoughts as to whether there will be a dedicated web site area for patients etc to get information from to reduce duplication for Trust and GPs sites around issues about BREXIT and the NHS inc any supply problems?

Yours faithfully,

Spencer Gasson

Department of Health and Social Care

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