Medical Officer Dental Officer Bonus Overpayments

Currently waiting for a response from Ministry of Defence, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Ministry of Defence,

A large number of medical officers have recently been written to advise that DBS have overpayed bonus’ due under the MODO bonus scheme on AFPS 05. The payment is due to failure by DBS to take into account the changes when SP were moved to AFPS 15

How many Medical and Dental Officers have been affected by these over payments? What are the ranges of amounts due to be reclaimed? Please provide answers broken down by Service and Rank

Yours faithfully,

RM Wherry on behalf of Defence Business Services Secretariat, Ministry of Defence

Dear Mr Wherry

Your request has been logged under our reference FOI 2019/09916 and the
target date for response is 26 September

Yours sincerely

DBS Secretariat Team