Medical notes from Queen Charlottes Hospital

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Dear Department of Health,
I am searching for my medical notes from Queen Charlottes Hospital, Hammersmith.
Under the Freedom of Information
where are these notes stored
how can I obtain these notes

Yours faithfully,

Valerie Hindmarch

Department of Health and Social Care

Our ref: DE-1112335


Dear Ms Hindmarch,
Thank you for your correspondence of 28 December about your medical
records.  I have been asked to reply.


To see your medical records, you need to apply in writing to the NHS
organisation that holds the records you need.  In your case this is Queen
Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital.  Please be aware that the Department of
Health does not keep or have access to medical records.


The application should include enough information to identify the records
as well as proof of your identity, including evidence of your right to
apply for access if you are applying to see someone else’s records.  You
will also need to enclose the appropriate fee.  The maximum fee for
accessing copies of health records stored solely on computer is £10, and
the maximum fee for accessing copies of records stored in manual form, or
in a mixture of manual and computer form, is £50.


Records are normally sent within 21 days after the organisation has
received the application, and should certainly be sent within 40 days.  If
your application is refused, the organisation should explain why.


More information about accessing health records can be found on the NHS
Choices website at:


I hope this reply is helpful.

Yours sincerely,
Tamsin Spargo
Ministerial Correspondence and Public Enquiries
Department of Health



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