Media monitoring related to FOI requests

Response to this request is delayed. By law, Ministry of Defence should normally have responded promptly and by (details)

Dear Ministry of Defence,

I am requesting the following information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000:

1. Does your ministry record any information about FOI requesters' background, in particular, their occupation (e.g. journalists, academics, civil society, MPs etc.)?
2. If this information is being recorded, can you please provide me with the statistics about the submitted FOI requests and their proportion by requesters' background for the current year 2020? If this information is not available in this form, please, provide it in any held form.
3. Does your ministry carry out general media monitoring (how the ministry has been mentioned in the media)?
4. If yes, can you please provide the media monitoring outputs for the current year 2020?
5. Does your ministry follow and record whether FOI requests submitted to your ministry were used in the media?
6. If yes, does your ministry record how FOI requests submitted to your ministry were used in the media? Can you please, disclose this information/records in any digital form in which you hold it?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

Best wishes,
Maria Zuffova

CIO-FOI (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

Dear Ms Zuffova,

I am writing to you in response to your FOI request made on the 2nd of December.

Unfortunately, we were unable to provide you with a response to the below FOI request referenced FOI2020/13320 within 20 working days.

We aim to provide you with a response to your request, by the end of the week.

Kind Regards

Information Rights Team

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