Media Connections within Info Ops

Donnie Mackenzie made this Freedom of Information request to Ministry of Defence

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Ministry of Defence did not have the information requested.

Dear Ministry of Defence,

I would like to request the following under Freedom of Information legislation:

Can you tell me whether as part of Information Operations or any other type of operation in the UK, the MOD in any of it's forms like the DTIO/TIO or related bodies makes requests upon any shows broadcast on British television to add to or in any way edit their content?

Can you tell me if there is a list of the different shows which have been contacted?

If you can, could you please disclose this list? If details are kept of compliance or non compliance with requests, could you please include this information also?

A prompt response with the legal guidelines would certainly be appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Donnie Mackenzie

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DECISION NOTICE ISSUED BY ICO. Response directed within 35 calendar days.(29th Jan)


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Dear Mr Mackenzie,


Please see the attached for the MOD’s response to your request. This was
sent on 6 November 2012.



Yours Sincerely,


FOI Team.




Thanks for your response.

When I wrote this request on 30th September 2012, I tried to be somewhat specific in referencing Information Operations and Targeting and Information Operations (TIO). This was in order to guide you as to what I was looking for.

Your response which I recieved on the 1st of February avoids all discussion of Targeting and Information Operations and makes no specific differentiation between the separate questions when replying. Nor does it differentiate between the separate requests which were at separate addresses on this website.

When you decided to amalgamate the 2 e-mails (tv & radio) you posted the radio copy elsewhere in the wrong place:


Generally the MOD requests that any issues are resolved informally when possible, so I would like you to respond more specifically to the detail of the questions in relation to the activities of TIO.

When you mention that there is not a comprehensive list, I would like you to specify whether TIO uses one or more lists; Or whether the DMC handles All of the relevant activity on behalf of the TIO. I would like you to specify how many lists exist in relation to the different requests (unless it is the same for both).

I would also like to politely ask that you place the response in the appropriate request. This helps avoid confusion and the impression you are trying to undermine this process as there has already been a number of similar problems elsewhere.

Yours sincerely,

Donnie Mackenzie


I would like to request an indication of intention. Please could you notify me as to whether you are going attempt informal resolution following my last communication. Your document guides those requesting to follow this process. I would like to ask that this be sent by 24th February.

Yours sincerely,

Donnie Mackenzie

Donnie Mackenzie


In my initial request on 30th September 2012 I asked whether the DTIO/TIO or other MOD departments made requests to television broadcasts to edit the content of their programmes.

I asked if their was a list of such shows and for disclosure of it.

I also asked if details were kept of non-compliance and whether this could be released.

In your response dated 1-2-2013. You came back and responded with the following key points:

-Information is held within the scope of my request

-The Directorate of Media and Communication (DMC) is responsible for dealing with the media in the UK

-MOD is in daily contact with journalists, broadcasters and representatives of the media. You indicated this was wide ranging.

-There is not a comprehensive list

My original request indicated that I was concerned with lists pertaining to the activities of Targeting and Information Operations, and those specifically which detail non compliance.

Information Operations documentation indicates that the Targeting process involves trying to pass the Psychological Warfare themes/messages through as many channels as possible. This is why I mentioned DTIO/TIO and records of non-compliance.

Due to the removed generalization, lack of specificity, and information not being provided, I would like to request an Internal Review.

Yours sincerely,

Donnie Mackenzie


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Dear Mr Mackenzie,


Please see attached for the internal review of your Freedom of Information

MOD Internal Review Team